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The death of Charlie Garnett is on everyone's mind. Even Citizen Z salutes the fallen hero from his far away base in the Arctic.

It's Roberta though that takes the loss the hardest. She withdraws into herself and stops communicating with the other survivors.

Mack drags Addy to scout ahead, but the truth is he's thinking of abandoning the group due to Roberta's state of mind. Addy manages to talk him out of it and Mack agrees to head back to the others with her for now.

Doc and the gang experience some car trouble, busted radiator. Though 10K patches the hose up they're going to need a new vehicle.

Luckily they soon drive past signs that read "No Z's", "gun show" and "liquor." All appealing option to the weary travelers. They take a fork in the road and head in that direction. Mack and Addy end up taking the other road. They become separated from their friends.

Remember Sketchy McClane? The guy that sold Addy the Z-whacker? Well he's now running things at the gun show. Sketchy assures them they're safe there since the Z's moved on to the big cities.

Doc asks if anyone in town will trade for a vehicle. Sketchy recommends they enter the shooting contest. If they win the gigantic gun someone might be willing to trade a vehicle for it. Sounds like a plan to the gang, especially since 10K is an amazing sharpshooter.

Roberta rushes into the town's FU-Bar and begins to drown her sorrows. The others follow and meet a sleazeball named Forman who brags about his apocalypse-proof 'Forman-mobile.' Not a good idea to boast like that in front of Murphy.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and when Forman heads outside to take a leak, Murphy attacks and bites the guy. He takes the keys to the 'Forman-mobile.' It isn't long before the wounded Forman re-enters the bar and tells everyone what happened with Murphy.

Forman and friends confront Murphy and attempt to shoot him but the plan backfires. The ricochets kill and create four new zombies who begin to create chaos attacking people. Doc ask Murphy if he bit the guy, but the z-hybrid denies it. Not long after, Murphy wanders off and spots Forman dead on the ground. He was killed by a gunshot but did not turn. Murphy pulls his tooth from Forman's wound and jams it back in his mouth.

10K does really well in the contest but a cute girl named Brittany catches his eye. She proves to be some serious competition.

 Elsewhere, Citizen Z catches wind of a dust storm. When he zooms in closer he realizes it's a zombie horde rolling into Kansas. Not good.

Roberta takes out her frustration at losing Charlie on the zombie bartender. Before giving the creature mercy she discovers her "reason-to-live" moment. It's about time Roberta's back, she proves it by killing a ton of z's all on her lonesome.

Though 10K wins the contest, he gives Brittany the prize gun. Luckily too, because when 10K is attacked by a zombie it's Brittany that saves his life with her new gun.

Mack and Addy have been trying to locate their friends but stop dead at the site of a zombie horde moving toward them. Citizen Z's zunami is here.

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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Guns and liquor what could go wrong?


This is not a test. This is the Citizen Z emergency broadcast system. There's a flood, a zombie flood. A zunami of biblical proportions. If you're anywhere in the vicinity of Western Kansas you need to ah... screw it, you need to get the hell out now.

Citizen Z