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Kaya sees figures approach camp Northern Light. It turns out to be Zona troop. Kaya and her crew find a hiding place.

Warren and the crew find their way to Canada., and fight Zs in Canadian Mountie and hockey uniforms. The crew finds refuge in an abandoned church.

Murphy attempts to get inside Warren's thoughts to find out if her visions are true.

He concentrates, and sees the black ash rain and burns up. He wakes up.

Murphy and Warren discuss the visions.

Out of nowhere, the church bells ring, bringing more Zs to the outside of the church.

Doc, 10K and Sarge break into the bell tower and capture the human responsible for ringing the bell.

Zs break into the church ans Warren freezes, but is saved by the crew.

Warren interrogates the prisoner, named Louis.

He is in possession of many religious artifacts, leading the crew to believe he's a grave robber.

Louis tells them he's in search of a relic that can cure the sick, but they don't believe him.

As Zs break in, Louis tells them there is an escape route through a  tunnel in the basement.

Once in the basement, the crew searches for the tunnel. Louis finds the crypt containing the Saint Teresa relic, and tells them about her story.

Louis, now alone with Warren, tells her his story from day 1 of the Z outbreak until now.

Murphy tells Louis about Lucy. Louis opens the crypt, and the Bishop inside, now a Z, attacks the crew. The kill the bishop, and search for the relic.

The bells start ringing again, drawing the Zs away so the crew can escape. before they leave, they come upon a dead girl who bears a remarkable resemblance to Lucy, holding the relic they were searching for.

Warren gives the relic to Louis. 

Louis gives them a battery, which they use to try and contact Kaya.

Warren heads back east, and the crew joins her.




Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

You were there in Zona. You were awake. What did they do to me? Because, if these dreams are true, then nowhere is safe. Not even Newmerica.

Warren [to Murphy]

Look at these two hosers. Take off, eh?