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The idyllic scene is Zona is shattered when a worker is run over by a resident. A crowd of supposedly healthy Zona-ites begins to feed on the dead worker. 

Teller pleads with Warren and Murphy to flee Zona, but won't give specifics.

The Zona troops take Addy and Lucy to an abandoned house. Lt. Mueller tells the survivors that the convoy is delayed, and they must assemble a group to find it. Doc and 10K volunteer to help.

Teller tells Murphy and Warren that the new vaccine is failing, causing the Zona residents to turn crazy and murderous.

Teller, Murphy and Warren come across one of the residents, who has just murdered one of Murphy's friends.

Mueller and the group find the convoy trucks, but no people or bodies are there. 

As they investigate, the Zona troops fire on Mueller's group, injuring one of the soldiers.

Mueller's group is pinned down by Zona gunfire. 10K trains his rifle on the house, ready for fight back.

10K radios back to Red and Mei, alerting them that they are under attack.

Teller tells Murphy and Warren that everyone who has had the vaccine will turn into a crazy killer. Murphy and Warren are the only people on the island who were not vaccinated.

Murphy finds all of his "blends" dead in a freezer. Teller told Murphy they were used for experimentation before he was found.

Mueller and his group fire on the house, not knowing that Lucy and Addy are inside.

As Murphy and Warren try to escape, Warren has more visions of the black rainbow as she fights Zona troops.

Teller, Murphy, and Warren must go through the Founder's house to escape, but they encounter the Founder. Murphy negotiates with the Founder, and they eventually get past him.

Mueller decides to put his downed mate out of his misery. He is shot in the head, but doesn't die. He becomes a marauding Z, seemingly unstoppable.

10K shoots into the cabin, hos bullet grazing Addy's face. She now realizes that 10K is among the soldiers. Addy pleads with Lucy to escape with 10K.  One of the Zona soldiers takes Lucy away in a truck. 

Mei wakes up at the outpost, only to find it totally abandoned. 

Warren tells Teller about her visions. 

Teller tells Murphy that Lucy is alive. He also tells them about the Newmerica camp.

He also tells Warren to not ignore her visions.

Teller attacks Warren, but Murphy shoots him, saving Warren.

Mueller's group comes back to the outpost, finding it abandoned, Mei is no longer there either. 10K runs off into the wild in search of Red.

Murphy and Warren make it to the chopper, and escape Zona.

Addy, alone now, walks through the forest.








Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Warren: What the hell is going on?
Dr. Teller: Degenerative brain function. They're all rapidly deteriorating. They're losing their minds: they are going batshit crazy.
Warren: Who is?
Dr. Teller: Everyone. Everyone who has had the new vaccine is failing.
Murphy: My vaccine? No way!
Warren: Why?
Dr. Teller: We don't know.

I liked you better when you were blue.

Warren [to Murphy]