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The chopper fro Zona deposits Mr. Sunshine, Murphy, Warren, and other  soldiers stateside. Murphy and Warren sneak off to find the group.

10K searches the woods near the camp, and finds the old tree tent he lived in with Red, still empty.

Warren and Murphy rescue Lucy from the Zona soldier.

Lucy and Murphy argue about his absence.

Mueller wants to leave the camp and head to Newmerica, but Doc insists they wait for 10K.

Warren, Murphy, and Lucy find the camp, and a tense reunion occurs.

Mueller debriefs the crew on what's happened so far.

Warren decides the group will stay until 10K returns, despite Mueller's warning.

Murphy tells Doc about his desire to not follow the soldiers to Newmerica.

Murphy and the others hear strange noises outside the camp and become concerned.

Against the group's wishes, Mueller and Sarge leave the camp to look for 10K.

Warren has another nightmare about the black rainbow. Doc talks to Warren about their situation. Warren encourages him to not give up. 

Mueller and Sarge search the woods, Mueller turns to find that Sarge has disappeared.

Warren finds a refugee named Burgess, but he is in shock and unable to communicate.

Mueller encounters the soldier that wouldn't die, and is attacked.

Warren interrogates Burgess, but he is too traumatized to tell her what happened to Sun Mei.

10K returns to the camp, alone.

When everyone's back is turned to greet 10K, Burgess mysteriously disappears.

Mueller returns as a Mad Z, and is seemingly impossible to kill.

Sarge returns, and takes on Mueller.

Sarge has to essentially dismember Mueller to stop him.

Sarge wants the group to go north, but Warren sets out on foot east, following her vision. The group reluctantly follows her.



Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

You reap what you spawn, brother.

Doc [to Murphy]

Lucy: Honestly, I just don't feel anything with you.
Murphy: I understand.