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The episode opens with the crew wandering through toxic foam, unable to see anything.

Murphy and Doc see a light and go inside a barber shop, where they meet old con artist buddies Sketchy and Skeezy.

Warren collapses outside in the toxic foam.

Murphy decides to get shaved by the mysterious barber, but the other men are suspicious.

Warren comes to, and begins killing Zs again.

Murphy finishes his shave and is led to a tanning booth.

When Doc is in the chair, he remembers the barber just before the man tries to kill Doc and drop him through a trapdoor in the floor. The basement is full of Z victims of the barber.

A mysterious giant of a man begins firing a gun from above, through the ceiling at Doc and the others.

Warren wanders in the foam again, seeing the shadow of the flying devil ray from her black rainbow visions.

The barber and his henchman named Tiny are only in it to rob and kill anyone who comes into the shop. 10K and Sarge come in next. 

10K vomits, causing a chain reaction.

A slapstick fight ensues, with Doc and the crew trying to take control of the situation.

Murphy releases the Z that was trapped in the tanning bed for who knows how long, and the "Tan Mom" Z attacks the group.

Skeezy says the Tan Mom Z bit him, meaning he will turn.

Warren follows a figure in the foam.

The others in the shop vote to send Skeezy out into the foam to fend for himself.

Two new strangers enter the shop during the debate.

Just before Skeezy is exiled, Sketchy kisses him.

The new strangers now attempt to rob the crew.

The Zs from the basement escape and kill everyone but the barber, Tiny, our heroes and Sketchy.

Skeezy comes back in, kills Tiny and the barber, and tells the crew it was all part of their plan to rob the shop.

Sketchy and Skeezy take over the shop, and the crew leaves.

Warren collapses, sees the black rainbow vision, and is awakened by the mysterious figure.

The figure is a vision of Dr. Teller, who tells her that everything depends on her. He disappears as the crew finds her outside, the foam now gone.






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Z Nation Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Sketchy: If things get hairy-
Skeezy: Scream like a porn star.
Sketchy: Something like that.

Negativity is infectious, man. Like a virus.