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Zoey questioned her feelings for Max and Simon. She admitted to having feelings for both, but that the universe kept pointing her to Max while her heart led her to Simon. 

Meanwhile, Maggie helped Emily with her timidness to tell David she wanted to get physical again.

During Zoey's visit with her father, Howie performed a heart song and she learned about his daughter Abigail who hadn't talked to him for a while. 

After she got to work she went straight to Simon and told him how she felt. She asked him about the kiss and what it meant to him and he shut her down because he thought that was the thing to do.

He ended up confusing them both. 

Zoey confided in Mo about her confusion with Simon's indecisiveness. Mo told Zoey that it was wrong of Simon what he was doing to both Zoey and Jessica and that he was inviting Simon and Jessica for breakfast.

Mo confronted Simon about his actions and after realized how torn Simon was. He realized that Simon was a good person and really didn't want to hurt anyone.

Zoey came to Mo about their conversation and Mo expressed his sympathy and change of heart for Simon. 

While spending a late night in the office, Max received a job offer to move to the 6th floor and run his own team. 

Abigail was invited to SPRQ Point to learn more about their internship opportunities and Zoey changed Howie's thoughts on Africa. 

Lastly, it looked like Simon ended it with Jessica, leaving things open for Simon and Zoey!


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