Dr. Tesoro: It seems this potential Max news really affected you.
Zoey: Well, he’s forgotten how cold it gets there.
Dr. Tesoro: Do you want to talk about why you had such a big reaction to him leaving?
Zoey: No, not if you’re going to dig all up in my subconscious and tell me I still have feelings for him.
Dr. Tesoro: Actually, I was connecting it more to loss. You lost your dad, your mentor Joan, and now you’re worried your best friend might be leaving you too.

Perry: When we met, I knew I was instantly taken by you. I still know it. What I didn’t know was the feelings this relationship would bring up in me. My whole life I passed as a straight guy. I’m masculine. I played football. I literally fought fire. So when I told people I was gay, it was hard, but I still started with a leg up because my family and friends were still able to see him as the same Perry: Perry with a deep voice, just with a guy on my arm. But now, I’m starting to feel that same anxiety that I felt when I came out. I don’t want people to look at me differently. I hate that I feel this way, but I had to be honest with you because I care about you so much.
Mo: Thank you for sharing your truth with me. It has been a journey to get to where I am today. Through all of the hate and shame and pain and guilt, I swam through all of that to get to the other side.
Perry: I know.
Mo: No, you don’t because if you did know, you would know that by the time I got to the other side I promised myself that I would never go back to that person. The person that couldn’t look themselves in the mirror because they were harboring all of the hate and laughs to their core. I will always have love for that person, but he’s gone.
Perry: I’m not asking you to bring him back.
Mo: Are you sure? Because it feels like you are.
Perry: Mo.
Mo: Perry, if you feel this way, then I can’t do this with you.

McKenzie: I swear to god if I have to hear Leif drone on and on any more about his stupid drone phone.
Tobin: I bet he was planning this all along, watching us pour our blood, sweat, and tears into our ideas while he was sharpening his antique letter opener waiting to stab us both in the back.
McKenzie: And now he just comes out and demands we stay here all weekend to work on his presentation.
Tobin: I know, and my auntie was supposed to take me to Ikea.
McKenzie: I hate him.
Tobin: I hate him more.

Zoey: I don’t know why we’re obsessed with this topic, but while we’re on it, Max have you decided what you’re going to do with your apartment?
Max: What do you mean?
Zoey: What do I mean? You said it’s going to be a few months, so are you going to sublet? Are you going to pay two rents in the two most expensive cities in the country?
Max: Well, I’d probably stay with Rose in New York.
Zoey: Hmm, that’s cool. Cool, cool, cool. And what about your car? Street sweeping. Are you sure you want all those tickets?
Max: I’m not sure I’m even going yet.
Zoey: OK, are you sure about that because your heart seems pretty darn set on it.
Max: Well, you would know because you know everything I’m thinking and feeling before I think or feel it or say it.
Zoey: Wow, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m so intuitive, OK, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park for me either.

Deb: I have only known you a short time, and I don’t think you’re the type of person that would be addicted to gambling, but I didn’t think Arthur was either. I would just feel terrible if I was the one that opened those floodgates.
Maggie: Deb, I have a confession to make too. That money that I was gambling with, that was my last paycheck from Roger.
Deb: The creepy architect with the Porsche.
Maggie: That’s the one, and the confession continues. Come with me. It just felt like blood money to me, so I went to the casino and I thought, ‘Well, it’ll be gone in minutes.’ But I just kept winning and winning and winning and winning.

Zoey: I need to apologize about yesterday. I was a mess, at the race. I was totally distracted by Mo and Perry at the restaurant. And the whole point of yesterday was to make it about you, and I blew it.
Simon: Hey, is that why you think I’m upset?
Zoey: Yes, and maybe my slight overreaction to Max leaving.
Simon: Yesterday was rough, and if it showed me anything, it’s that you still have feelings for him.
Zoey: That’ not what it was about. I talked about it in therapy. It’s actually about…
Simon: If you do have feelings for him, we do need to have a real conversation about it.
Zoey: Max is my friend, and it caught me off guard. That’s it. I’m not saying I handle it well, but do you think you and I can try to find a way to move past it.
Simon: OK. If you say that’s all that it is, I believe you.

Zoey: How am I supposed to focus on my own issues when the entire waiting room just sang to me? Do you believe a word I’m saying?
Dr. Tesoro: It doesn’t matter what I believe. People come in here with all kinds of issues.
Zoey: I feel like I’m totally drowning recently between my work and my family, my relationship, my powers, all the TV shows I have to watch.
Dr. Tesoro: One thing at a time. You said you broke up with Max because you could hear his thoughts, but he couldn’t hear yours. Now you’re in a relationship with Simon, and he’s not aware of your secret at all.
Zoey: If he knew that I used his heart song to connect and forge this grief bond, it would be game over.
Dr. Tesoro: All right, if you can’t get rid of your gift, maybe you need to focus on things you can control. Is there any area of your life that you feel that you can put more energy into?
Zoey: Simon, definitely Simon. I have been not so awesome to him lately.
Dr. Tesoro: OK, do you think working on things with him is a manageable goal until our next session?
Zoey: Absolutely, yeah, I’m gonna show Simon I can be the best girlfriend in the entire world.
Dr. Tesoro: Or you could just aim for better.

Deb: And someone on a screen yells at you as you do it?
Maggie: But in like a supportive way. I got it cheap on Craigslist. I’m trying to move my body more.
Deb: And increase you stamina?

Zoey: I guess people really do enjoy this, and you are a liar.
Max: What do you mean?
Zoey: Every single human being in a three-block radius just sang a super pumped up heart song with the exception of you and me, of course.
Max: OK, I hate wearing costumes. My dad’s a dentist. You think Halloween was fun at my house? I’m just trying to support Rose.
Zoey: And I’m trying to do the same thing for Simon, so maybe the race won’t be that bad because we have each other.

Zoey: See, Perry you can relax now.
Brad: Hold up. Did you not think we would get along?
Perry: I mean you two are very…
Brad: What? We like the same movies, the same books. Our Hemsworths are ranked in the same order. We’re basically the same person.
Perry: No, you are not.
Brad: OK, so how are we different exactly? You thought I’d have a problem with Mo. Actually, I think you might be the one with the problem.

Zoey: I’m sorry that I overreacted, but of course, you should do the pop-up in New York and when you come back, whenever that is, I will be here to celebrate you because that’s what best friends do.
Max: We can’t keep doing this.
Zoey: Doing what?
Max: This. Yesterday was weird and uncomfortable. You really upset Rose, and I bet Simon wasn’t thrilled about it either. We’re as individuals or with other people if we don’t get out of this cycle or whatever you want to call it. I just need some space.
Zoey: Well, I guess New York came at the right time then. You can go on a trip and get away from me. I mean that is if you decide to go.
Max: I’ll let you know when I do.

Emily: I’m sorry you had to witness another one of my breakdowns.
Zoey: Please don’t be sorry. You’ve been trying to handle this alone for too long. So can we please talk about what’s going on?
Emily: I’ve been going through these bouts of anxiety and depression for a while now. I thought it was baby blues, which passes after a few weeks. When it didn’t, I figured when Miles starts sleeping through the night or when I went back to work, I’d feel better. It just got worse. I can’t sleep when Miles is asleep. I can't focus when I’m not home with him, but when I am home with him, I just want to cry or run away ‘cause I can’t help but think he’d be better off without me
Zoey: I’m… I’m so sorry to hear that, but no, you’re a great mom, and Miles is lucky to have you.
Emily: I know that logically, but I don’t feel that. You know when you have a baby, your body becomes this machine, and when it short-circuits…
Zoey: Have you talked about this with your doctor? What about David?
Emily: You guys just lost your dad. David’s still mourning, and I feel weird or selfish talking about my own stuff right now. He’s got enough to worry about.
Zoey: He’s your husband. He loves you. And you have the right to feel what you’re feeling too.
Emily: I’ve just been able to conquer anything I put my mind to, you know? I should be able to get over this.
Zoey: I so understand feeling that way, but here’s the thing, maybe some problems are too big for us to handle on our own.

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Zoey: See, Perry you can relax now.
Brad: Hold up. Did you not think we would get along?
Perry: I mean you two are very…
Brad: What? We like the same movies, the same books. Our Hemsworths are ranked in the same order. We’re basically the same person.
Perry: No, you are not.
Brad: OK, so how are we different exactly? You thought I’d have a problem with Mo. Actually, I think you might be the one with the problem.

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