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In Argentina, it's raining like crazy. That group has to stop their search for the night.

Mitch talks with Clem, who has arrived with the family at a safe zone. They weren't allowed to have Henry with them. Henry is a good pup who should be just fine. Mitch shows her the plane. It's so awesome they're saying I love you and stuff now.

As Jackson chats about his little secret, that his blood is changing, that he's changing...into what? A humanoid who looks like a melted flesh being is out in the rain. It would be incredibly unfortunate if Jackson was on the way to THAT.

As our team is out of the plane and on the way to the team on the ground, something out of nightmares its taking them down one by one. Spoonman by Soundgarden comes on as the creature and Alyssa Diaz are kicking ass. She wins just as our team steps in. Very cool scene.

Jamie goes back to the house after climbing out of her lean-to in the woods. There's a song and dance about her as she packs up to leave.

Meanwhile, it's time to get the creature back to the plane.

Jamie is lost in the woods. The bugs are out to get her, capsizing her water bottle, ensuring she has nothing left to drink.

Chloe and Jackson are noticing a lot of similarities between the scarred man and Jackson. Mitch is inaccurately referencing Abraham as a big baby because he wouldn't stay to try to find Jamie.

Out tooling around, Jackson, Abraham and Alyssa Diaz get into some red, acid rain. They see a frozen feather and then a man with a machete jumps out asking about bodies.

Chloe is trying to talk to Dr. Kovacs. Mitch doesn't think that's a discussion that will be fruitful.

Alyssa's radio starts going off. Who cares, Jackson is thinking. Um, we are, Alyssa and Abraham are thinking. We buried all the remaining radios!!

Jamie is suddenly in the dead of winter. And she stepped on a nail which wen right through her boot and into her frostbitten big toe. Said toe is black and coal and bleeding. Uh oh.

Jamie finds a policeman, but inside the car he is dead and raccoons are noshing on him. The car won't start.

Kovacs says Isabella and starts to cry. Up close, his face look like burnt, bubbly cheese on a pizza. They cut him loose because...nope, I got nothing. Kovacs is running amok.

Alyssa and Abraham don't find the body they're seeking because it's not there. Oh! There it is. Up in the air! Being carried by two vultures. Ummmhmmm.

Jamie is accosted in the middle of the woods by a guy saying, "Help me."

Jackson and the scared fella found Kovacs' car, including his cell phone and his arm, which he bit off to free himself in his phase 2 fury. Oh look! There's an elephant. Jackson has to get his blood.

Elephants can be really fast when they want to be!

This is going to be a hell of an ending. The cargo ramp open, Abraham driving up while the plane is jetting down the runway? Oh yeah. Leave that bastard elephant behind!!

Logan is Jamie's new pal. He seems like a decent guy. He finds it ironic she's taking care of him instead of him being the gentleman.

Someone made the mistake of allowing Alyssa to get weepy over something and she rolled in and shot Kovacs right between the eyes. Not cool.

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Alright. If I won all of you in a raffle, I'd probably give you back to the guy who won second place. Although, he probably woundn't want you either. Nor would he want me, because I've been behaving like an irrational five-year-old. As to why we're being raffled off in the first place, I can't really...look. What I'm trying to say is we don't get to choose our families. For better for worse, we're pretty much family now. We've got work to do, so let's do it.


Mitch: Screw this. I think I should go check the bar.
Chloe: Why?
Mitch: I don't know. Wasn't alcohol invented for times like this?