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Jackson creates a wall of fire and slams the truck into a wall, where he is met by a prowling tiger.

The others are running for shelter and are overtaken by a swarm of bees. As you are. Chloe saved a baby, throwing Abraham and Mitch off when they found her.

Jamie is in Canada with the leopard. A little "gremlin guy" gets into the house and and suddenly more animals are interested in coming in, too.

Jackson and Chloe (or Danny and Sandy, if we're thinking like Mitch) start arguing. Chloe is starting to see the positive points of the Noah Objective.

Jamie has a plan to pull the animals away from the house to save the leopard. I'm guessing it looked a lot better in her head.

The gang arrives just as she's bustin' ass through the woods. Mitch is sooo excited to see that Jamie did whatever it was she did to the leopard. Tied a rope to him? Nobody wants to leave Jamie there, but everybody has to leave Jamie there. I can't say I understand exactly what's happening.

Mitch tells Abraham he hates him for this.

Jamie can't figure out why the buffalo is standing guard over her.

Chloe reunites the baby with his father, but not with getting much identification. He could have just been some guy who walked up to get a baby.

Chloe wants to see Jackson's blood tests. She's surprised at what she sees.

Jackson asks Chloe to send up another team to find Jamie.

Then Jamie talks to Jackson about his blood. His blood was O negative. Not anymore. Jackson doesn't want to worry about it.

An experiment on a dog is going wrong. Everything they had been doing was all for nothing. The mutation is mutating again. Everything they thought they knew they no longer know.

The cure hasn't changed. The mutation has.

The team is heading to Argentine to meet up with a doctor who is looking for a phase 2 mutation. It would have been nice if these two groups have been known to each other a little earlier in this whole scenario.

A camp of dead people was ravaged by the missing link.

Someone is giving the team the coolest plane in the world. Everyone makes BFFs again and sets out their new agenda.


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