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Finally, the animal conflict is definitely huge. The world is falling apart while da plane is flying over the Atlantic.

Jamie and Logan are trying to get to Caraquet. They're walking through the woods, staying safe, which seems unlikely.

Alyssa has a name! It's Dariela. She's not happy with anything going on, let alone being told what to do by Chloe. What she does like? ABE!!

Abe gets some sex.

OMG. Was there just a BrainDead/Zoo crossover?! 

There were Alients crawling all over damn place when the team was talking to Eleanor in Washington and they noticed she was not herself. Then she stood up, opened her mouth and blue electricity was created. WTF?!

Meanwhile, Jamie and Logan are on their way to Caraquet...but the river MOVED.

Chloe and pals go to look for Eleanor, who is missing. Chloe finds General Davies, who is hoping to push forward the Noah Objective, to kill all animals on the planet and repopulate.

The river was diverted...by beavers.

Abe drops Dariela off, trying to wax poetic. She walks away while he's still talking.

In Eleanor's room, the gang finds her. She has been burned from the inside out. Her entire mandible has been removed from her head.

Logan and Jamie are climbing. She wants to know what's in his bag. He appears to be a bounty hunter. He has photos of her and a bag full of cash. 

In her quest to get home, Dariela follows General Davies, sees him kill someone and then sees an electrical thing happen that's similar to whatever happened with Eleanor. It's magnetic.

Jackson talks to Abe about Dariela just before she calls about the magnetized transformer.

Abe notices their ants are all moving in one direction. Mitch doesn't care.

Holy crap!! The ants are all trying to create THE FLASH!!

They're all heading to the LARGE PARTICLE ACCELERATOR!!

Meanwhile, in the woods, Jamie escaped from Logan. 

Logan says he's only there for the leopard. In a show of good faith, he gives Jamie the gun.

Everyone races to the particle accelerator. The worst news? Dariela thinks she might have swallowed an ant!

They build an electric chair and try to fry the ant out of Dariela. Mitch thinks they're just pissing it off. Dariela wants them to keep going.

The ants dead, but so is Dariela!

In the woods, Logan is chopping off Jamie's dead big toe.

Chloe accesses what she thinks Eleanor might have wanted to show her. The Noah Objective will not only kill a bajillion animals, but over 2 million humans and counting.

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You know, the social structure of ants is actually quite similar to that of humans? Male ants, for example, will mate with attractive new female ants even if they're from an enemy colony.


Mitch: Scoop up some ants. Hurry, before this spinal fluid goes bad.
Jackson: Well that's a sentence you can go your whole life and never hear.