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The Zoo Crew is imprisoned in caves by the beach. 

The Shepherds want to feed them to animals. Jackson has had enough death and won't leave an injured Logan behind.

They escape and suddenly there are police on Pangaea.

The animals take out the policeman instead of them. Very handy pullover.

Now that Robert is dead, having departed with a lovely speech about love, he's left behind more questions than ever before. What the hell was he doing on that island? What were those animals??

Mitch calls Maine. His ex-wife and her husband were killed in an animal attacks. The kids were evacuated. The bombs are being dropped at that moment. 

Abe and Dariela wonder why no human deaths are being reported. Logan knows it's because humans die everyday. Unless all 2.2 million of them die at once in Times Square, nobody will even notice.

Jackson, Mitch and Jamie are looking at Robert's materials. He was working on a gas, but he was concerned on making it safe for the animals.

The hybrid wolfhogs are working their way to the trio. Mitch sends Jackson and Jamie away to safety.

The fence has already failed, and Mitch makes to the door to close it with only seconds to spare.

Mitch calls Abe to tell him he made the right decision in New Brunswick leaving Jamie behind, and he needs to make the right one now, to save Clementine, leaving him behind. They need to take care of Clementine. They're her family now. 

Tell Jamie thank you.

Mitch gets the fence secured, but it's too late. The hybrids are already upon him. 

Well, Jamie sure feels like an ass now that she spent so much time playing hard to get. Right? 

Logan finds Clementine Lewis and Dariela confirms it.

Apparently Logan is a Lannister. He pays his debts. His entire crew does, and once their debts are paid, they're told to screw off. Something tells me Logan won't do the same to his new friends.

Jackson and Jamie find Clementine, who is not in the mood to talk about her father. She certainly doesn't want to see him. He promised he would save the animals, and he didn't. She wants to save Henry.

There are caged dogs, but they're unhappy. Of course they are! They're caged. They're lonely for people. Abe tests the cure on a pit bull puppy, who begins to lick his face and is super happy to see them. 

All of the animals are happy to see their owners, breaking free to find their owners and reunite.

Wow. Time jump. Abe and Dariela's son, Isaac, just graduated from elementary school. His school is the last one in the area and is closing.

Jamie is a renounced author.

Jackson is off hunting hybrids.

A girl is watching Abe. She tells him only one person can solve this problem. Mitch Morgan. He's not dead! This girl is Clementine. 

Woo hoo!!!



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Zoo Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Davies: What is this a laser pointer? How pathetically appropriate.
Mitch: He called my bluff.
Jamie: It wasn't a bluff! [truck explodes]
Davies: You just killed the Noah Objective.

Dariela: I'm the only side of beef you need.
Reece: Excuse me?
Dariela: I'm pregnant. The animals are drawn to me.