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The team is on Pangaea. 

Logan is alive!

Jamie and Mitch run into a scent just like cotton candy before running into him.

Mitch tries darting Logan, but it doesn't work through Kevlar. He seems interested in helping them. Is it a trick?

Mitch uses the laser pointer he's holding to blow up a truck that is holding the most important part of the Noah Objective. The animal DNA to regenerate the animals.

Dariela and Abe are out in the jungle with Reese hunting Sabretooth.

Davies tells Mitch and Jamie they really screwed up. They killed humanities last hope. 

And the Sergeant killed Davies. Didn't see that coming!

Robert is working on a serum to eliminate the virus in Jackson's DNA as well as allow his blood to be the cure for the animals.

Robert and Jackson are bonding when the gang bets back, Logan in tow. Robert isn't pleased to see Logan, but he's excited to meet Mitch, whose work he thinks is exemplary.

When the DNA and serum doesn't work right, the two men start to argue. That's when they notice Jackson is shaking. The badger acid is messing with the protocol.

Jackson asks Abe to kill him if Dariela gets hung up.

Mitch learns Glasiers disease was dropped into the population on purpose. They were trying to stop the animal mutations. Chloe has the Ghost Gene. I guess it came from his wife? I thought it was genetic.

As penance, Mitch says he has to give Jackson an infusion to purify Jackson's blood.

Jackson doesn't make enough of the cure. Robert wants to make some, too. His body will do it, but without the mutation, he will die.

Robert dies right in the middle of a joke Jackson is telling. the cure is complete.

The sweet scene of the birds flying off to save the world is pointless because that bitch lets planes go and the gas is ready to be delivered.

So much sadness.

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Davies: What is this a laser pointer? How pathetically appropriate.
Mitch: He called my bluff.
Jamie: It wasn't a bluff! [truck explodes]
Davies: You just killed the Noah Objective.

Dariela: I'm the only side of beef you need.
Reece: Excuse me?
Dariela: I'm pregnant. The animals are drawn to me.