The Year 2027 - Zoo
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Portland, Oregon - Pacific Evacuation Force

It's our hero, Jackson, with his new girlfriend and a whole host of young kids.

They have a couple of hybrid male lions named Pedro and Sampson they utilize to attack rogue hybrid animals.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mitch's daughter is carrying a big map and on her way into Abraham and Dariela's house.

It's the same day as the Zoo Season 2 finale. 

Mitch is in bed talking about presidents to Jamie. But he's imagining his blissful moment from a tank.

Wherever he is, it doesn't look like he's tended all that often.

New York

Jamie is all gussied up and she looks nothing like the woodsy creature Mitch was just dreaming about.

Jamie is apparently very wealthy after creating an empire writing about something. We can only assume she was writing about her travels with the gang, but she's so uppity I really don't care.

Jackson is still living the dream out in the wild, being attacked by hybrids and kissing his girl as she flees before the latest monster goes crazy.

it reminds me a lot of Falling Skies, including the girl he's dating, who is a pretty good stand-in for Sarah Carter.

Yup. An abandoned research lab in Siberia in a stasis tank. What a strange place to be.

Someone arrives at the Siberian tank and discovers Mitch. Their plan? Load him up. But they can't. They have to revive him because the tank doesn't have battery packs.

Good God. Jamie has a private jet. Hopefully, it's THE private jet and not another one.

She's dressed as some sort of a superhero. 

Hahahaha! She took off the necklace she had on that was featured early and plugged it into a system on the jet.

She's creating some sort of a voice file with words she needs for voice recognition.

Gracie Dzienny was Greer on Chasing Life, one of the best characters. Nice addition.

Perennial Canadian baddie Stephen Lobo also joins the cast as one of the fellows from the IADG who tries to get Mitch out of the tank. Mitch appears to drown at first, but you know that's not happening. 

Logan is a detective now, but the force doesn't know he's a former criminal. He and Jamie have words, and she threatens to expose him. 

She takes credit for stopping all the bad guys. 

Meanwhile, the IADG is trying to discover if Mitch is alright and just not able to talk or what. Mitch gets very upset, pounding his right hand no, he doesn't know his name or what year it is or where he is.

Lobo seems like a decent dude, which is highly unexpected.

According to IMDB, his name is Myers. I like Lobo better, but that's just me.

This episode is seriously missing quotes. Why? Because Jackson is in the wind and Mitch is voiceless. Uh, hey, that will not do. He's our quote magician!

Was Zoo always filmed with the Falling Skies blue tinge, or is this new? Is it a post-apocalyptic thing?

Jackson reveals to a kid he controls the lions with his mind. The kid doesn't believe him and he fesses up he uses a gizmo his friends created, but I think he really uses his mind because he's Jackson Oz, Hybrid Man.

Oh. Stephen says the IADG has been looking for him for a long time. I was wrong. Mitch DOES remember everything. I though right was for no. Guess right was for yes? 

Well, Mitch has some muscle control issues. He's doing quite well considering his 10-year tank status.

Mitch writes jibberish onto a piece of paper, adamantly stamping the pen and his fist onto the paper while Myers says ridiculously, "What does that say? What does that mean?"

Uh, dude, if the guy could talk, wouldn't he have told you outright? 

Clem calls Jamie asking for her help. My father is alive and he needs you, Jamie. I need you, too.

Jamie was too hurt by searching and not finding Mitch so many years ago. She still has his glasses, and upon looking at them, tells Clem she's on her way.

A woman says she's sorry outside the truck with the captured hybrid as it thrashes about. It stops thrashing. 

The IADG team is trying to decipher what Mitch is saying. One thinks it's a word, another thinks it's jibberish. Still another thinks it's chemical symbols. Mitch finally puts the chemical cards together and it resembles a word: proof.

Jackson sent a drop of blood to Abraham that begins to grow into either an organ or the blob. Either way, awesome.

Jackson can't believe it when he sees the IADG investigator. Are we supposed to recognize her? Why don't I recognize her?

The look on her face says it doesn't matter. The truck with the hybrid explodes. And what's really worrisome is if one drop of blood started growing, then what will all of those others do?

Who the hell is Gracie D? She's not Clem. Clem is in Siberia. She teamed up with the IADG. They ARE the good guys.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

My father is alive, and he needs you, Jamie. I need you, too.


Dr. Morgan, I'm afraid this is going to come as a shock to you, but there's somebody here who has been waiting to talk to you.