Animal Attack - Zoo
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Everyone is talking about Jackson and Robert Oz. Abe and Dariela won't leave without Jackson. Allison is annoying everyone.

Dariela gets close to telling Abe about being pregnant, but Jackson screams into the vehicle bay with an unconscious dad in the back.

Jackson is barricaded in the bay somehow. Robert saying not to trust him, he did "this" to him.

Allison isn't allowed into the vote. The Russian dude has a daughter who is very excited at the prospect the animals will be fixed.

The ants are lighting up. Are they reacting to Jackson? Dariela asks Abe if he ever hit his dad. Abe said it would have been the last thiing he ever did.

Abe also says Robert Oz is not a man to be trusted.

Robert awakens and expects Abe and Dariela to trust him.

Robert has a badger inside a giant gym bag. The badger's saliva is acidic and Robert plans on injecting it into Jackson to stop his mutation.

It works, just in time for father and son to walk in on a call between Abe and Davies where Davies is complaining.

A giant gorilla comes into the hotel and straight for the Russian, Mitch and Jamie, who are inside the elevator. Russian only worries about Tasha and Savine, his wife and daughter.

The gorilla has taken its time to carefully kill any bodies directly over the elevator (where we thought the thing was rising earlier) so that blood dribbled down into the air vent. Cool.

Robert and Jackson try to build radios and bond over old memories.

There are a lot of animals in the lobby. Mitch and Jamie set out to save the crowd.

Abe is not his normal chipper, the world will live, self and Dariela is upset. She falls to the ground.

Apparently the badger saliva is doing a number on Dariela's baby. They an save it if they act fast.

Dariela wonders if they should just let it go. After all, Abe doesn't have faith in the future. He assures her he does now. He tenderly kisses her forehead.

Of course, fighter jets have found them. Now they have to save themselves before they save the baby.

Da plane sends an emp out toward the fighter jets. They When Mitch and Jamie come out, go down, but the pilots make it out.

How Jackson remembers his childhood and how Robert remembers it are very different.

When Mitch and Jamie come out, the see all of the dead. The Russian's daughter was killed. There's no going back now. It's too late. The gas will drop.

Allison also says goodbye to Mitch. She knows he thinks he and Jamie have something special, but she knows they'll destroy each other.

Davies sent the animals in to kill everyone to ensure the vote wouldn't be passed against him. 

Robert sends Davies a new gas formula. Jackson is skeptical. Something about the gas must be special, because Robert is taking them to Pangea to see the shepherds, where he can save Jackson, anyone else infected and all the animals. 

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Dariela: Sometimes it's hard to find just the right moment to share a secret.
Abe: Keeping secrets are just another type of lie. That's not the way you treat someone you love.
Dariela: Right. Coffee?

Nobody who ever saved the world needed to wear a tie.