10 Season Finales That Failed. Miserably.

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There’s so much anticipation. Will your favorite couple finally get together? Will the mystery storyline that’s dragged on all season be solved? Will a cliffhanger leave you clamoring for more?

When done well, season finales leave fans with a lot to talk about and the strong desire to tune back in next season.

But when they miss the mark, it’s a little like finding a pair of socks in your Christmas stocking.

It’s a huge let down.

Check out these 10 season finales that fell far short of our expectations. 

1. Castle - "Crossfire"

Castle - "Crossfire"
Castle - After seven seasons of watching a Writer and his Detective Muse solve crimes, Castle season 8 took a turn for the worse. The writer suddenly became a P.I. The detective was promoted to Captain. New characters that no one cared about were added and the entire show was mired down in a dark and convoluted conspiracy theory named LokSat that never made any sense. Worse yet, a show that spawned the term #HappyCastleMondays ended with way too much violence and not nearly enough fun. A tacked on 30 second happy ending couldn’t fix what was wrong with this mess of a series finale.

2. The Good Wife - "End"

The Good Wife - "End"
The Good Wife series finale - The creators have admitted that they planned out Alicia getting slapped by someone as the final scene... ever since the first season. They clearly reverse-engineered this finale just for that one moment, coming up with plot points that made no sense and giving us an ending that made the main character look awful. We'd really hoped for better from such a smart, amazing show.

3. Fear the Walking Dead - "Shiva"

Fear the Walking Dead - "Shiva"
Fear the Walking Dead was a lot better while I was watching it than after I let it soak in and realized what had happened. Reading the producers take on what happened REALLY screwed things up. Apparently this is a world of visions of their making that need to be explained afterward. Not cool. I don't know anybody who wants to be told what they saw didn't happen. People acted out of character, and it ripped the group apart. Daniel died. Or did he? Ugh.

4. Vinyl - "Alibi"

Vinyl - "Alibi"
Vinyl was supposed to be about the music, finding the next big sound. By the finale, what they'd found was ODed needing a heroin shot into the heart to get to the stage. There was a mob shooting and the record company was falling apart. They were in a worse place in the finale than they were in the premiere and there wasn't a whiff of the characters we'd come to enjoy. That's hardly the inspiration to tune into season 2.

5. Arrow - "Schism"

Arrow - "Schism"
Arrow - There was lots of hope going into this season finale, but in the end we were just reminded how awesome and perfect Felicity is, and that Oliver just can't be a superhero without her by his side. Diggle and Thea? Who cares if they never come back. As long as Felicity is around, we're all good.

6. Supernatural - "Alpha and Omega"

Supernatural - "Alpha and Omega"
Supernatural - After the buildup of a huge fight between God and the Darkness, all that we got was a conversation between brother and sister, and they walked away holding hands. Talk about a let-down of epic proportions.

7. How to Get Away With Murder - "Anna Mae"

How to Get Away With Murder - "Anna Mae"
How to Get Away With Murder - This show was fantastic right up to the midseason break, but then it all fell apart in a convoluted mess. The result was a sub par finale that felt slow and thrown together. Is there any hope that season 3 will fix it?

8. The Flash - "The Race of His Life"

The Flash - "The Race of His Life"
The Flash finale was just a disappointing end to a season that was lackluster at best. The fact that Barry's final showdown with Zoom was a race was lame. That ending, where Barry turned his back on Iris and all the Westallen fans, changing the past as he saves his mother? It just seemed like a slightly rewritten script from The Flash Season 1 finale. Is there any hope this show will get back on track?

9. The 100 - "Perverse Instantiation"

The 100 - "Perverse Instantiation"
The 100 Season 3 just didn't live up to its predecessors. Season 2 was so great, but Season 3 pushed Clarke, the main character, to the background, focusing more on ALIE than anything else. While the threat was still very real, the solution was not, and they found out that stopping ALIE didn't stop the ending of the world. There was no happy moment of relief.

10. Lost Girl - "Rise"

Lost Girl - "Rise"
Lost Girl - It was a terrible final season, which sucked because it really was a beautiful show. The finale made a couple terrible life decisions. For one, Bo and company didn't actually defeat Hades. Nope, they just stalled his return to power. They have to go through the whole thing all over again with Tamsin's daughter. Oh, and then there's the fact that Kenzi was pushed away to go raise Tamsin's daughter on her own. It certainly wasn't the way we'd hoped to see it all end.

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