11 Declarations of Love That Slipped Out By Accident

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Saying "I love you," for the first time can be a huge deal. 

You may want to say it in the perfect way and at the perfect moment, but that's not always how life works. 

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If your feelings are strong enough, sometimes a love confession can come out when you least expect it. 

We created a slideshow below of 11 declarations of love that slipped out by accident! 

1. Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother
One thing you don't do is tell a person you love them on the first date. The gang ended up teasing Ted about his accidental slip-up for the series' entire run. But Ted and Robin did end up together, so it may not have been the worst move in the world.

2. Jonah and Amy - Superstore

Jonah and Amy - Superstore
It's not surprising that Jonah and Amy said "I love you," for the first time mid-argument. During a fight about Dina's birds (it's a long story), Amy screamed that she loved Jonah and he screamed it right back. Typical.

3. Nick and Jess - New Girl

Nick and Jess - New Girl
It's impossible to forget Nick and Jess' finger gun incident. Jess looked so pretty that Nick couldn't help but let a casual "I love you," slip out before she left for her party. The moment Nick realized what he said he panicked, and Jess was so startled that she made finger guns at Nick as the limo pulled away.

4. Liza and Josh - Younger

Liza and Josh - Younger
When Liza said "I love you," it was just a response to Josh finding her a bottle of water while she was high. But when Josh immediately said it back, it made Liza realize she loved him for real.

5. Jane and Ryan - The Bold Type

Jane and Ryan - The Bold Type
Jane and Ryan weren't even dating when a love confession slipped out. Jane's declaration happened during shower sex. She later took it back so it wouldn't make things weird, but it was awkward for a bit.

6. Mark and Lexie - Grey's Anatomy

Mark and Lexie - Grey's Anatomy
It may have popped out by accident at first, but Lexie decided to use it to her advantage. She had been delaying telling Mark how she felt for quite some time, and once it was out there, she poured her heart out.

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