11 of the Best Valentine's Day Gestures on TV

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Love is in the air! Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with a loved one or by yourself, just remember you always have television to keep you company. If we're being honest, sometimes television is our greatest love. 

When it comes to TV, a lot of Valentine's Day moments are big romantic gestures, and others are just fun to watch play out.

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On Cupid Day, things always seem to go very right or very wrong. 

We put together a slideshow below of 11 of the best Valentine's Day Gestures to get you ready for the holiday!

1. Ben gives Leslie a playboy otter - Parks and Recreation

It was Ben and Leslie's first Valentine's Day together, and it was pretty eventful to say the least. Leslie sent Ben on a scavenger hunt, and Ben gave Leslie the playboy otter stuffed animal she always dreamed of.

2. Schmidt and Cece sleep together - New Girl

This may not be a "gesture" exactly but it really kicked off the relationship between Schmidt and Cece. Where would we be without that one eventful Valentine's Day?

3. Mark and Lexie (and Jackson) have Valentine's Day dinner - Grey's Anatomy

Even though Lexie and Mark are broken up, Lexie brings her niece to his apartment to offer a playdate with his son. She sees that Mark has company over, but he refuses to let her leave. They end up having dinner, but Jackson's presence may have messed with the romance factor.

4. Monica attempts to give Chandler porn - Friends

Okay, this wasn't all that romantic but it was hilarious. Chandler mistakes a tape sitting on the table for porn, which Monica did actually get him. However, it was actually a birthing tape which killed the mood for the rest of the night. But hey, it was a solid Valentine's Day effort on Monica's part.

5. Finn gives Rachel a vocal Valentine - Glee

In honor of Valentine's Day, Finn had their friends sing "Stereo Hearts" to Rachel in the courtyard. It's impossible not to be in love after being serenaded like that.

6. Maggie surprises Alex - Supergirl

Even though Valentine's Day was never important to Maggie, she understands how much it means to Alex. Despite not caring about the holiday, she cares about her girlfriend and throws her a Valentine's Day prom as a surprise.

7. The inmates have their own V-Day party - Orange is the New Black

It's not like the characters can actually go out for Valentine's Day, so they have their own little celebration. Listening to all their definitions of love was both hilarious and heartwarming.

8. Blair tries to help Dan find love - Gossip Girl

Blair makes an elaborate plan to set Dan up with Serena on Valentine's Day in order to help him like he always helps her. When he admits he doesn't want to be with Serena, Blair asks him what would make him happy. He kisses her as a response. We still get butterflies every time we watch it.

9. Lisa gives Ralph a Valentine's Day card - The Simpsons

Although Ralph got the wrong idea by Lisa's kind gesture, she did make his day. It's the thought that counts right?

10. Angela gives Dwight a bobblehead of himself - The Office

Angela sends Dwight the perfect gift for Valentine's Day: a bobblehead of himself. She knows him extremely well as there's really nothing that could make him happier.

11. Lily plans a romantic night with Marshpillow - How I Met Your Mother

Lily and Marshall's relationship continues to be the purest thing on television to this day. Since Marshall couldn't be there on Valentine's Day, Lily created Marshpillow to make missing him easier.

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