11 Twisted Television Love Triangles

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Which love triangles have grabbed our attention on television these days?

These are some of our favorite and most twisted.

1. Olivia, Fitz and and Jake (Scandal)

Olivia has some choices to make on Scandal: Jake or Fitz? Fitz or Jake? It's hard to go wrong, huh?

2. Elena, Damon and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)

One doppleganger. Two brothers. A never-ending back and forth between fans over who should be with whom. Yes, Damon has seemingly won, but come on: there are plenty of Stelena shippers out there.

3. Hayley, Elijah, and Jackson (The Originals)

Hayley and Jackson are married. But Hayley prepared to that union by sleeping with Elijah. Awkward!

4. Emily, Jack, and Ben (Revenge)

Aiden may be dead, but that's not stopping The Powers That Be at Revenge from putting Emily Thorne into a love triangle between her first "love" Jack and his former cop partner Ben.

5. Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, and Jack Thomspon (Marvel's Agent Carter)

It's no secret that disabled vet Daniel Sousa has a crush on future S.H.I.E.L.D. co-founder Peggy Carter. But the SSR office's top agent, hunky war hero Jack Thompson.

6. Queen Mary, King Francis and Prince Conde (Reign)

With a show full of political intrigue, gorgeous people and the supernatural, a love triangle with the Queen of Scots is still front and center. While Condé has replaced Bash as the other man vying for Mary's affections, a love triangle is always a classic way to divide fans and cause plenty of drama to go around!

7. Felicity, Oliver and Ray (Arrow)

Felicity sure has a thing for vigilantes, no matter how much she fears for their safety. Oliver and Felicity have danced around the idea of dating. Despite his professions of love, Oliver still doesn't believe he can be in a relationship, and he is getting into bed with Malcolm Merlyn, something Felicity does not approve of. Meanwhile, there's Ray who showers Felicity with gifts like a nice dress and a huge office. He is still getting over the death of Anna, but he doesn't carry the darkness that Oliver does thanks to five years on the island (and other places).

8. Ichabod, Abbie and Katrina (Sleepy Hollow)

Ichabod is married to Katrina. But Sleepy Hollow fans can't deny his chemistry with Abbie.

9. Regina, Robin Hood and Marian (Once Upon a Time)

Regina thought she'd finally put her Evil Queen days behind her and found her happy ending with Robin Hood. Even Tinkerbell once told her it was her destiny, that was until Emma brought Marian, Robin's wife and mother of his child, back from the dead. It appears that Regina’s happy ending will have to wait.

10. Mary Jane, David and Baby Mama Anna (Being Mary Jane)

This one gets more messed up by the minute. Mary Jane has never let go of David and vice versa. Anna is knocked up by David, but still has a guy she's hanging onto in Australia. Mary Jane + David = Hot. Our vote? They're in it to win it.

11. Will, Sonny and Paul (Days of Our Lives)

The day Will and Sonny got married it all seemed so right. In front of family and friends they made a commitment to one another but then Paul came to town. Sonny's former lover still carried a torch for him so the last thing we expected was for him to end up in bed with Will! Can Sonny and Will's marriage survive or will Paul and Sonny get a second chance?

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