13 Couples Who Could've Had It All

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"We could've had it all...." 

Adele had it right. These couples got so close, so close to being great, but the illusion was either taken away from us, shattered, or peaked and slowly rolled away into the deep.

Some made it to the relationship and were blown apart, some stayed with the flirty friendship that drove our fan minds wild, and some were rudely taken away from us before we even got a chance to see them together. (Skyeward, anyone?)


1. Tony and Ziva - NCIS

Tony and Ziva - NCIS
I was a big fan of Tony and Kate, but when she was killed, Ziva and Tony had just as much chemistry, if not more. They worked together so closely, the writers gave us moments where we thought they could've, and Coté de Pablo left the show and we were left right back where we started.

2. Skye and Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye and Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
They came so close. Skyeward was our beloved flirtationship in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 and they were ripped away from us as Ward was revealed to be the Hydra spy. The same episode as their kiss, too!

3. Clarke and Lexa - The 100

Clarke and Lexa - The 100
Everyone on social media knows about these two. After establishing a connection, Clarke and Lexa fought to balance their duties as leaders and struggled to be together while their people were at war. Sadly, after they finally had their big moment, Lexa was killed. By a stray bullet. They never even had a chance to thrive as a pair.

4. Jason and Aria - Pretty Little Liars

Jason and Aria - Pretty Little Liars
Whether anyone wanted this couple together or not, Pretty Little Liars Season 2 teased the possibility of a relationship brewing between Aria and her "dead" friend's shady older brother, only to disappear after half a season, never to be mentioned again. Could they have been a great pair? I guess we'll never know, because the writers only let him kiss his sisters before he finds out they're related. Poor guy.

5. Laurel and Oliver - Arrow

Laurel and Oliver - Arrow
Is anyone surprised these two didn't end up together? Not really. Oliver treated her terribly in the past, before he came back as his vigilante self, by repeatedly cheating on her, even with her little sister. But after five years on an island, there was the possibility that he'd changed, but Laurel was in a relationship with Tommy, his best friend. The odds just never stacked in their favor, and now, Laurel is dead and it's too late.

6. Stefan and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Elena - The Vampire Diaries
The biggest love triangle in vampire history (Looking at you, Twilight) saw the end of these two, who had established such a mature, loving relationship in the first three seasons that was torn away by Elena's attraction to Damon. They were downgraded to a high school relationship, but the love they had for each other was eternal and mature, whether the writers agree or not.

7. Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler - Law & Order: SVU

Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler - Law & Order: SVU
Why didn't they? The duo worked so well together for so long, it was hard to deny the connection they shared, especially toward the end of Stabler's run. Much like NCIS, Chris Meloni decided to leave the show, leaving our shipper hearts in pieces as we never saw a conclusion to their relationship together.

8. Adam and Cassie - The Secret Circle

Adam and Cassie - The Secret Circle
This entire show was taken from us too soon. Adam and Cassie were written in the stars, and after the awkwardness of the Diana/Adam/Cassie love triangle, the two finally got together, but there was always something lingering around them, threatening to break them up. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled, so we'll never know if they were destined to end up together.

9. Ricky and Amy - The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ricky and Amy - The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The epitome of teenage drama converged into this show. The love square between Ben, Amy, Ricky, and Adrian, was incredibly messy, but Ricky and Amy had the most mature, adult relationship. They worked to be together for their son, to love one another, and be supportive, but in the end, Amy chose herself (for once) and decided to grow into her own person. Part of me still hopes they'll be together some day.

10. Rachel and Finn - Glee

Rachel and Finn - Glee
Rachel and Finn were perfect together. Though the couple was apart when Cory/Finn passed away, he will always be the love of Rachel's life and it hurt so much to see the show try to work without him.

11. Phoebe and Cole - Charmed

Phoebe and Cole - Charmed
I was never a fan of these two, but the effort put into to make them work as a witch/demon couple was clearly made. They spent two seasons as an on again/off again couple, only splitting when Phoebe had to kill her husband, who became the Source of All Evil. Fans loved them and wanted to see Cole redeem himself and become human, but the writers never gave him a chance to be good.

12. Bash and Mary - Reign

Bash and Mary - Reign
They were never meant to be. While Francis and Mary were so dear and perfect as a couple, Mary's short-lived romance with Bash never had a chance. It was a way for her to protect Francis from dying, she never actually had feelings for him in the way he had for her. After those few episodes, they were never shown to have the same affection for one another.

13. Buffy and Angel - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Angel - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
These two. One of the most iconic love stories. After many failed attempts, they never ended up together, but they always maintained such a deep love for one another. If only they hadn't been split up onto two separate shows, maybe the couple would've had a chance.

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