13 Fabulous Fashions Featured on Reign

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These photos feature fabulous fashions from The CW series Reign.

Reign has taken the royal fashions from the Elizabethan Period and given them a modern flair. We're smitten. Find out why by looking though some of our favorites.

1. Mary in Rose and Gold

Mary in Rose and Gold
Mary isn't, overall, a fan of sleeves. This gown proves she can pull them off without worrying whether they will age her, as they still show off some skin with the mesh inlay. The rose and gold brocade fabric is perfect for a picnic, as it sets her out like a flower against the foliage.

2. Regal Mary

Regal Mary
Is 15-year-old Mary a queen or Francis' prom date? Sometimes it's difficult to tell. This is straight out of the 21st century and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Reign-inspired fashions showing up in formal wear magazines soon. Teens and young women alike would want to wear this gown, don't you think?

3. Lola in Green

Lola in Green
Mary captured the attention in her rose gown, but her Ladies' Maids are new without their own gorgeous attire. Lola shows she can old her own in this full-skirted pale green gown, accenting her lovely shoulders.

4. Toe to Toe Fashion

Toe to Toe Fashion
The Queens Mary and Catherine go toe to toe in this shot. Youth versus experience only shows that fashion never dies, it only grows with she who wears it. Notice how dark haired Mary wears an equally dark dress with blond inlays while Catherine's ensemble is the opposite. They are perfectly matched.

5. A Gorgeous Dress

A Gorgeous Dress
This is yet another beautiful piece that could easily be worn by today's bride, bridesmaid or prom date. The bodice has intricate beaded detail set off with a similarly beaded belt matching the flowing color in the skirt.

6. Queen Catherine in Moss Green

Queen Catherine in Moss Green
The moss green velvet gown Catherine is wearing is her casual attire. I imagine it's not only comfortable but fits like a glove, making her feel like she's wrapped in a warm, body hugging blanket. The stones across the bodice mean she doesn't have to waste time looking for matching jewerly, because this one comes ready to wear.

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