13 Oddball Couples We Never Expected to Love

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There's always those two characters who never even cross the audience's mind as a potential romance.

Sometimes they're too different, other times they're too similar, and sometimes they just don't seem like the type of characters who would ever be interested in each other.

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But it's true what they say. The love you don't see coming can turn out to be the one you were looking for.

We've created a slideshow below of 13 oddball couples we never expected to love!

1. Dina and Garrett - Superstore

Dina and Garrett - Superstore
Did anyone else's mouth completely drop during the Black Friday episode? At first, the idea of Garrett and Dina together just seemed crazy. But the more we've gotten to see them interact, the more we've realized how perfect they are for each other.

2. Steve and Angie - The OA

Steve and Angie - The OA
Steve wasn't very likable at the beginning of the series, so it's surprising that we ship him with anyone. But he's grown a lot since the pilot, and his relationship with Angie, while unexpected, is also adorable.

3. Jason and Janet - The Good Place

Jason and Janet - The Good Place
At first, this whole relationship seemed like a joke since Janet was technically just a robot. But she evolved into a human being over the course of the show and became capable of emotions. In fact, Jason and Janet are both such goofballs that putting them together actually makes perfect sense.

4. Stephanie and Jimmy - Fuller House

Stephanie and Jimmy - Fuller House
No one who watched Full House ever expected Stephanie to fall in love with a Gibbler. But it happened, and we're sure glad that it did.

5. Helen and Sarge - Siren

Helen and Sarge - Siren
Helen and Sarge went from nothing to everything. We didn't even consider them as a possibility until that first moment they connected through the fish tank, and they were absolute goners from there.

6. Andy and April - Parks and Recreation

Andy and April - Parks and Recreation
Andy is like the sunshine child full of light and April is just a big fan of darkness and death. Do they work perfectly? Yup. Does it make sense? Nope.

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