13 of TV's "Dumbest" Characters Who were Smarter than They Seemed

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Making a character appear completely stupid has been a way that television tries to elicit humor for decades.

Others characters often look down upon them, and you'll catch them rolling their eyes or shooting condescending glares their way.

While sometimes the characters aren't as educated as the rest of their friends, it's often played up far too much for laughs and the things they are actually good at get brushed past or ignored.

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In fact, some of these characters are actually smarter than the people making fun of them.

Check out 13 of TV's "Dumbest" characters who were smarter than they seemed!

1. Jason Mendoza - The Good Place

Jason Mendoza - The Good Place
We can't argue that Jason can be a little weird sometimes, but that really doesn't make him as unintelligent as people think. Are we forgetting that once Jason even figured out they were in the bad place?

2. Brittany Pierce - Glee

Brittany Pierce - Glee
The show tried to portray Brittany as dumb as rocks. And yes she didn't have a whole lot of common sense. But do any of us? Brittany was the kindest and most understanding person and she really didn't care what others thought of her. Her singing and dancing abilities were incredible, and we also have to mention the time she turned out to be a math genius.

3. John LaMarr - The Orville

John LaMarr - The Orville
LaMarr was originally presented as a goofy character out to have a good time, but he turned out to be much more than he seemed. LaMarr scored incredibly high in aptitude tests and was promoted to Chief Engineer.

4. Maya Hart - Girl Meets World

Maya Hart - Girl Meets World
Maya was supposed to be the "stupid" best friend of the lead when she was actually the most intelligent character on the entire show. She knew how to handle sticky situations, could always think the most rationally when others couldn't, and even got an A on a test simply because she decided to put in the effort.

5. Kimmy Gibler - Fuller House

Kimmy Gibler - Fuller House
Kimmy was always the dumb, annoying friend on Full House and its reboot. But she has since proven what an out-of-the-box thinker she is. Even her party planning business does quite well and the show has even shown how difficult it is for other characters to run it successfully.

6. Summer Roberts - The O.C.

Summer Roberts - The O.C.
She may have been seen as a ditzy and shallow character but Summer was much more. Her SAT scores were through the roof and she was even accepted into Brown.

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