13 Indulgent Tub Scenes We'll Never Forget

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Rub a dub dub…

Who doesn’t love a hot soak in a tub, maybe with some bubbles…maybe with a partner?

Whether these characters were taking a relaxing soak, indulging in a glass of wine while submerged in suds, or getting a sensual sponge down, these were the scenes that were filled with soapy goodness we'll always remember.

You may not have realized it but sometimes the most memorable moments wind up being in the bath. It could be an intimate encounter or something far more horrific, but we promise one thing, these are the baths that fans will never forget.

Check out these 13 Top Bathtub scenes on TV.

1. Kate Beckett - Castle

Kate Beckett - Castle
Kate Beckett had two bathtub scenes on Castle. The first one was when she leisurely took a warm bath to drink some wine and enjoy a good book…specifically Richard Castle's Nikki Heat. Her second bath wasn't nearly as pleasant. When a serial killer blew up her apartment, Beckett dove into the tub while wearing a towel. This time Castle came to her rescue and, despite his protestations, we're pretty sure he saw her naked.

2. Louis Litt - Suits

Louis Litt - Suits
Louis Litt can be as lovable as he is infuriating, but there's no doubt that he's eccentric. It's not every man who not only openly revels in a good mud bath, but invites all of his friends to join in whenever possible. Do you mud? Louis sure does and we love it!

3. Ernie - Sesame Street

Ernie - Sesame Street
This is probably almost everyone's very first memory of a TV character taking a bath, and it even included bubbles! Thanks to Sesame Street, we'll always have the words, “Rubber Duckie, you're the one,” in our heads and in our hearts.

4. Captain Ross Poldark - Poldark

Captain Ross Poldark - Poldark
Captain Ross Poldark. Nude. In a bath. Besides a fire. Want more? How about if he also gets sponged down at the hands of his wife Demeiza? For fans who were already clamoring for more scenes with Poldark shirtless, this bath sent viewers' heart rates into overdrive.

5. Shelly Pfefferman - Transparent

Shelly Pfefferman - Transparent
Maura and Shelly's steamy bathroom encounter was one of the most pivotal of the series. Although the intimacy of the scene was crucial to the story, actress Judith Light found the moment daunting to play. But in the end she decided the scene was, “giving us a view into another portion of our society … the way we think about people who are mature. They're not dead, they have passion and connection and complication.”

6. Chandler Bing - Friends

Chandler Bing - Friends
Chandler Bing thinks he hates baths. Well, he likes taking baths with Monica, but that's only because of "the wet, naked lady" in the bath with him. Monica swears he'd like one on his own, so she draws him a bath…and he loves it! But when he tries to replicate the experience he gets it all wrong, so the next time Monica draws a bath for herself, Chandler jumps in and steals it for himself. But he's not alone for long, as everyone bursts in to tell him that Ross and Rachel are having a girl!

7. Jon Snow & Ygritte - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow & Ygritte - Game of Thrones
It’s more of a natural springs hot tub than a bath, but where else would you bathe when you’re beyond the wall? In a world full of darkness and horrors, Jon Snow and Ygritte find a few moments for happiness. It was a beautiful scene between two people falling in love and finding warmth in one another and a great soak. Unfortunately, their moment didn’t last long, but it was certainly memorable while it lasted.

8. Amberle and Eretria - Shannara Chronicles

Amberle and Eretria - Shannara Chronicles
It was one of the most interesting love triangles on TV. Amberle had feelings for Will. Eritrea had sex with Will…but things took a more interesting twist when Eritrea got into a bath with Amberle. Amberle asked her, "So it's rover custom to jump into bed with every guy you meet?" to which Eritrea responded, "Honestly? It's not just guys. " Eretria slowly moved closer and gazed into her eyes but when the princess didn't answer, Eretria asked, "What, afraid you'll like it?" Needless to say viewers definitely did!

9. Scully, Mulder, and Skinner - The X-Files

Scully, Mulder, and Skinner - The X-Files
Scully, Mulder, and Skinner all in a tub. Okay, they were all in separate tubs, and on the phone, which was more than a little weird:

MULDER (In a bubble bath): Uh... So what are you up to right now, sir?

SKINNER: I'm taking a bubble bath.

MULDER: Uh, hold on just one second, sir. Hey, Scully, Skinman is calling me from a bubble bath.

SKINNER: It's still me, Mulder.

MULDER: Uh, sir, well, hold on one second, sir.

MULDER: Scully?

SCULLY (Also in a bubble bath): Yeah.

MULDER: Yeah, Skinner is calling me from a bubble bath.

10. Cristina and Owen - Grey's Anatomy

Cristina and Owen - Grey's Anatomy
Cristina opening up to Owen about what happened surrounding the plane crash was heartbreaking, and made all the more intimate and poignant because she was in the bath as she spoke the words. Typical of Cristina, she managed to make us both laugh and cry in what may have been one of the best scenes of the series.

11. Rita Morgan - Dexter

Rita Morgan - Dexter
It's literally a blood bath when Dexter's son, Harrison, is seen sitting on a bloody bathroom floor while mom Rita is dead in a bathtub full of her own blood. It's a terrible moment that flashes back to when Dexter, an orphaned little boy, was found in a pool of his own mother's blood. This unfortunate bath scene was vicious, horrifying, and heartbreaking all at one.

12. Hannah and Marnie - Girls

Hannah and Marnie - Girls
Let's face it, Girls had a lot of bathroom scenes and it all began with the pilot. Hannah was eating a cupcake while naked in the bath while Marnie sat on the edge of the tub shaving her legs. When Charlie burst in, he quickly realized he wasn't welcomed. The bath was definitely a special girl place on Girls.

13. Bill and Sookie - True Blood

Bill and Sookie - True Blood
After sleeping with one another for the first time. Bill and Sookie's first night together was unforgettable, considering they didn't just have sex, but she begged him to bite her. But it was their shared bath afterwards that was perhaps even more intimate.

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