13 TV Characters On a Serious Power Trip

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Many characters on television have an insatiable lust for power.

Some come from nothing and have a point to prove. Others were born into it but aren't satisfied with what they have.

More isn't always better, but these characters don't care.

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They will do whatever it takes to make sure they stay at the top no matter the cost to themselves or anyone around them.

Sometimes they can't see the forest for the trees, and it leads to their ultimate downfall.

Other times, luck is always on their side.

Here are 13 TV characters who are on a serious power trip.

1. Smurf - Animal Kingdom

Smurf - Animal Kingdom
Smurf knows her stuff. She's been head of her own crime family for years, and she's not about to hand over her business anytime soon. She can be vicious even willing to kill her own son to keep her at the top.

2. King Philip - Knightfall

King Philip - Knightfall
Nothing is sacred in King Philip's world -- even his own wife. Granted she cheated on him with his best friend, but what kind of heartless soul kills a pregnant woman. He barely listens to his most trusted advisors because he thinks he knows everything. But his uncontrollable rage and quest for power was his inevitable downfall.

3. General Harding - Project Blue Book

General Harding - Project Blue Book
General Harding is a major badass . He knows there's something out there. He has the proof, but he won't let anyone inside his secret circle. Maybe he thinks he's protecting the world from alien invaders. Maybe he just wants to find out more. Whatever his reasons, his need for power and control is what keeps him going.

4. Technical Boy - American Gods

Technical Boy - American Gods
Technology rules the world, and Technical Boy sits at the top. This New God has no use for the Gods of old and will be happy when they disappear never to be seen again. He's unpredictable and petulant, but isn't that a characteristic of everyone on a serious power trip?

5. Daenyrs - Game of Thrones

Daenyrs - Game of Thrones
She used to treat people fairly and with respect, but as she gained power she began losing control. She could have ruled the throne but her need and greed to be on top and in control was what caused her ultimate downfall.

6. Tariq - Power

Tariq - Power
Money is great to have because it buys you many things. But sometimes money can be a trickster and in Tariq's case money tricked him good. The more money he made, the greedier he got and with that came his need for power. But money can't always buy you what you want and in his case, power was just a pipe dream.

7. Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist

Raymond Reddington - The Blacklist
Raymond Reddington is a man's man. He's been at the top of his game for many years working his way through many challenges. Even though he lost it all at one point, men like him have an uncanny knack of getting back up and into the game. The power he lost came back to him tenfold and he has no problems letting anyone and everyone know just how powerful he is.

8. Stewie - Family Guy

Stewie - Family Guy
Stewie may be a child, but he's no fool. He's smart, clever, and quite cunning -- a perfect recipe for someone on a serious power trip. He wants to rule the world, and with the way things always work in his favor, he will probably succeed in no time.

9. Hiram Lodge - Riverdale

Hiram Lodge - Riverdale
Hiram is worth millions. He's handsome and powerful and slings his money around for everyone to see. And like most people with loads of money, he thinks he's untouchable and can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Power is his middle name, and the more power he has, the happier he'll be.

10. Starfire - Titans

Starfire - Titans
This woman packs quite the punch as she attacks anyone who gets in her way. She doesn't remember what her main objectives are. All she knows is that she has an incredible ability that gives her incredible power, and she loves every minute of it.

11. Jonah Ryan - Veep

Jonah Ryan - Veep
Every politician is on a power trip whether they intend to fulfill good or bad goals. Otherwise, what's the point, right? But like most every politician Ryan has a skeleton or two in secreted away in his closet which always leads to a powerful downfall.

12. Nyssa al Ghul - Gotham

Nyssa al Ghul - Gotham
Nyssa believed she was owed much more than she deserved. She wanted to avenge her father's death and planned to destroy Gotham as punishment. And in the course of her little power trip, she also decided she was going to take Barbara and Jim's daughter and make the girl her own. She didn't accomplish all she wanted, but she'll be back. Guaranteed.

13. Joe - YOU

Joe - YOU
Joe is a maniac who believes he has the power to make someone love him. He doesn't understand that's not how love works, but he's willing to manipulate every situation to his advantage. And if you get in his way? You better run because this madman won't let anyone stand in the way of his sick fantasies.

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