13 TV Characters Who Need Some Extra TLC

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New Year's Eve is a time for celebration, but some TV characters would rather avoid the parties and hide under the covers.

No bubbly for them, please. Instead, they'd like a big fat hug so let's give them one, shall we?



1. Kevin Pearson - This Is Us

Kevin Pearson - This Is Us
It could be said that the happiest-seeming people are sometimes the most broken inside. They just do a good job of hiding it. Success has always fallen into Kevin's lap, but it's also taunted him. His football career was destroyed by a bad fall and that same injury came back to haunt him when he was right in the thick of filming a dream role. He destroyed his relationship with Sophie but began a new romance with prescription painkillers. It's true that he's cocky and arrogant, but all that does is hide a pain he's hidden away for years.

Whose heart didn't break when he completely fell apart at his high school football field and later on Charlotte's front lawn? Yet, when he went to Randall's house to seek some help, he had to put his issues aside because of Kate's miscarriage. There's not much more Kevin can take. While booze is off the table this New Year's Eve, hugs and an open ear aren't. A listening party is the best kind of party Kevin could ever hope to receive.

2. Joyce Byers - Stranger Things

Joyce Byers - Stranger Things
Life was getting back to normal for Joyce and her family after her horrible experiences the year before. She even found love with Bob Newby, and she was happy. Everything wasn't perfect, but it was getting better! Then her life turned into a living nightmare again when she watched Bob get torn apart by the Demogorgons. Joyce has no interest in celebrations. She just needs some extra TLC this New Year's Eve!

3. President Kirkman - Designated Survivor

President Kirkman - Designated Survivor
Nothing has been easy for Tom Kirkman since he took office, but he's pulled through time and time again. Much of his success was due to the support of Alex who stood by his side through thick and thin. Life won't be the same for President Kirkman going forward after Alex's death in a horrible car crash. Losing a spouse is difficult, and Kirkman is going to need all the TLC the American people can give him!

4. Elizabeth Keen - The Blacklist

Elizabeth Keen - The Blacklist
We still can't believe Tom Keen is gone. We'd like 10 bottles of bubbly to make that bad memory go away, but this isn't about us, it's about Lizzie. Although she and Tom had rough times, their love for each other was undeniable. What is most devastating for her is how great her year started out. Remember all the fun she had dancing with Reddington at the motel's pool? Liz is a fighter and a survivor, but she's going to need lots of hugs to get her through this New Year's Eve.

5. Danny Reagan - Blue Bloods

Danny Reagan - Blue Bloods
Danny has always been an emotional kind of guy and not in the best sense of the word. Linda has always been there to keep him steady, but her shocking death turned his life upside down. Although the audience never saw the horrific helicopter crash that killed her or the immediate aftermath (and we're still angry about that huge blindside!), Danny is having a hard time with it all which isn't surprising for anyone in these types of circumstances. While we might not ever be able to soothe his wounds, we can at least give him some extra TLC this New Year's Eve and let him know he'll never truly be alone.

6. Shadow Moon - American Gods

Shadow Moon - American Gods
Effed up is even the right word to describe Shadow Moon's year. He got out of jail early only to find out his dead wife was having an affair with his dead best friend. If that wasn't enough, he meets a guy who turns out to be a god and flips his life around for no understandable reason. Shadow is a tough guy, but even this is too much for a guy like him. What he needs is a night away from all the craziness Mr. Wednesday has brought into his life. No amount of booze will make it go away completely, but it may make it all a bit more tolerable.

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