14 Scenes That Should Have Landed on the Cutting Room Floor

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Chances are if you were Tweeting while watching any of the below unbelievable TV moments, you used the #SMH at some point.

It's hard not to when you wonder how in the heck these scenes ever made it to air.

If we missed any of the moments you think should have landed on the cutting room floor, add them to our list!

1. A Wedding Hijack

A Wedding Hijack
There's stealing your moment and then there's flat out copyright as we saw on The Flash. If Oliver and Felicity were going to get married, that should have been addressed in a separate plot strand on Arrow. It felt like a cheap way for the writers to overcome the burden of having Oliver and Felicity at odds leading up to their own wedding.

2. Betty's Serpent Dance

Betty's Serpent Dance
Betty doing the sexy, seductive serpent dance in front of Jughead, all the Serpents, and her MOTHER was one of the most "WTF?! Why?! Make it stop!" Moments on Riverdale to date and they could have just not did that at all. It actually made me uncomfortable. How many alter egos does Betty have? Was that Dark Betty or a new 50 Shades Betty? Do they forget that these teens are supposed to be like 16-years-old?

3. Reeves and Torres Getting Competitive

Reeves and Torres Getting Competitive
While NCIS Season 15 Episode 9, "Ready or Not," was otherwise mostly entertaining, Torres and Reeves giving an (almost literal) Abbott and Costello routine over a ticking bomb about what to do made me want to scream at the writers, editors, and producers who thought that scene was a good idea. Sometimes there can be a fine line between comedy and idiocy, but this one drove right over it and through a brick wall. Guys: it's a bomb. Leave the room and let the bomb squad handle it. See? Not that tough a call!

4. The Death of a Clone

The Death of a Clone
MK's death on Orphan Black was brutal, barbaric, grotesque and never should have made it on air. It was so senselessly violent that it had my blood boiling. There's kicking a dying woman while she's down and then there's Ferdinand going to town on her. The sound effects and everything just, it seriously left me wondering what they were thinking with that death scene and I'm getting mad all over again just thinking about it.

5. A Terrible, Soapy Days of Our Lives Moment

A Terrible, Soapy Days of Our Lives Moment
That awful re-enactment of Will's murder on Days of Our Lives. Fans were outraged and disgusted by the original, and the whole point of bringing WIll's character back to life was to correct that, so who thought we wanted to see those graphic, brutal scenes in full detail AGAIN?

6. Crazy Mona's Dollhouse

Crazy Mona's Dollhouse
The series finale of the Freeform hit Pretty Little Liars concluded with Mona in all of her crazy glory with the mother and daughter locked below her store in France, apparently. How the heck did she get them there? It's no wonder the show is over because it became downright awful.

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