14 Former Couples Who Should Just Give Up

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There are couples on TV that work and others that just don't.

Sometimes it can be a string of complications that force them apart, or it can simply be a lack of chemistry. 

We've compiled a list of former couples who shouldn't get together again because the characters are better on their own.


1. Oliver & Felicity - Arrow

Oliver & Felicity - Arrow
This couple simply can't seem to make it work, so why bother trying again? They're never going to be a thing while working together on Team Arrow. Their personal issues will always to get in the way, and that's not good for anyone. It's time for them both to move on...for good.

2. James & Lucy - Supergirl

James & Lucy - Supergirl
It's so obvious that James wants to be with Kara, and it would suck for Lucy to get stuck in the middle of that. Hopefully, there's no more back and forth between these two when the show returns.

3. Alex & Piper - Orange Is The New Black

Alex & Piper - Orange Is The New Black
Alex and Piper were a breath of fresh air when Orange Is The New Black first began, but it's becoming increasingly more apparent that they work better as friends. They've tried as a couple. Now it's time to move on.

4. Rumple & Belle - Once Upon A Time

Rumple & Belle - Once Upon A Time
Rumple will never put his wicked ways behind him, so Belle should really get away from him whenever she awakens from her nap. Rumple has given her so many empty promises. We don't think it would be wise for her to fall for any more lies.

5. Fiona & Sean - Shameless

Fiona & Sean - Shameless
These two were a hoot at first, but the fact that Sean ditched Fiona on their wedding day makes me think these two are really over. Fiona has a knack for revisiting old romances, but this one should remain in the past.

6. Jaime & Cersei - Game of Thrones

Jaime & Cersei - Game of Thrones
This couple is just wrong on so many levels. Granted, they have a lot of chemistry, but they are brother and sister! It's never stopped them before, but it's time their intelligence trumps their lust.

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