14 Characters Who Might Have a (Coffee) Drinking Problem

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Did you know that March is Caffeine Awareness Month?

Here at TV Fanatic we thought we'd promote awareness with a few TV characters who are definitely addicted to the stuff.

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you just need that daily cup of joe...or four.

So pour yourself a steaming cup and check out our slideshow of characters who probably don't need any more.

1. The Whole Gang - Friends

The Whole Gang - Friends
These six friends spend more time sipping coffee at Central Perk than anywhere else, including their own jobs. It's no wonder that couch is always available for them, they never vacate it! They're single handedly keeping Gunther in business.

2. Castle and Beckett - Castle

Castle and Beckett - Castle
How many cups of coffee do you suppose Beckett owes Castle at this point? Their whole relationship basically began with him bringing her coffee every day. He even bought the precinct their very own fancy espresso maker, which we have seen put to use on several occasions.

3. Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

Lorelai  - Gilmore Girls
Lorelai basically doesn't know how to function without coffee. She'll take it anyway she can get it, at any time, for any reason. If you come with coffee, you might just become her new best friend. If the way to man's heart is through his stomach, the way to Lorelai's is through her caffeine addiction.

4. The Town of Pawnee - Parks and Recreation

The Town of Pawnee - Parks and Recreation
Coffee is not the only form of caffeine, and the citizens of Pawnee love their insanely giant-sized sodas. Parks and Rec fans know the answer to the question Leslie is asking in this gif - "well, it's roughly the size of a two-year old child, if the child were liquefied."

5. Fry - Futurama

Fry - Futurama
When every citizen receives a $300 tax rebate, Fry uses it to buy and drink 100 cups of coffee. The result of the massive dose of caffiene is super-speed, which actually comes in handy as he's able to use the burst of speed to rescue everyone from a burning building.

6. Kenneth - 30 Rock

Kenneth - 30 Rock
Kenneth has his buddy Tracy Jordan to blame for his caffeine addiction. Kenneth didn't drink coffee, or any other hot liquids, claiming "that's the devil's temperature." But all that changed when Tracy bought a coffee machine and deposited it on Kenneth's desk.

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