15 Fun TV Workplaces Worth Celebrating

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Happy National Have Fun At Work Day! 

Not all jobs are fun, but they can be entertaining, especially when they are on our TV screens.

From the most mundane, to the most unexpected, some workplaces leave a lasting impression on us when we least expect it.

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Some of these places should be real just so we could try to fill out an application for a job there, while others are wonderful because they make their shows that much more fun. 

What is a fictional TV workplace that you think should be celebrated by others?

1. Stranger Things - Starcourt Mall

Stranger Things - Starcourt Mall
There are no real details on the Starcourt Mall yet, but somehow we know that this will be our new favorite setting during Stranger Things Season 3.

2. The Bold Type - Scarlet Magazine

The Bold Type - Scarlet Magazine
Scarlet Magazine is memorable because much of it is job goals for all of us. The people working there are so lucky because it feels like the perfect workplace environment.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Rebetzel's Pretzels

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Rebetzel's Pretzels
This pretzel heaven workplace is exactly the place we would actually want to work at, if only for the free samples of new menu items.

4. Shadowhunters - Hunter's Moon

Shadowhunters - Hunter's Moon
Shadowhunters is worth celebrating all together, but we could settle for just shining a light on Hunter's Moon because that is a real staple.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The 99th Precinct

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The 99th Precinct
Too much goes down at the precinct to not have it consistently on our minds. The cold opens alone have our entire heart, they always know how to make us laugh and it looks like such an entertaining work environment.

6. Superstore - Cloud 9

Superstore - Cloud 9
Retail is terrifying and tough, especially in a big box store like Superstore. The show though has exceptional writing, creating the Cloud 9 franchise that feels real and addicting to follow along with.

7. The Office - Dunder Mifflin

The Office - Dunder Mifflin
It may be mundane at Dunder Mifflin, which is why it is more about the people that work there than anything else. It is an iconic workplace that couldn't have been missed on this list.

8. Parks and Recreation - Pawnee City Hall

Parks and Recreation - Pawnee City Hall
Working in the Parks Department is a dream come true, even if you can't just sit around in front of the flower mural every single day.

9. Criminal Minds - FBI

Criminal Minds - FBI
If you saw Criminal Minds and didn't want to join the BAU, you are lying to me and yourself. The FBI headquarters is a real place, but it is the way it plays a part on the show that makes it standout.

10. Claws - Nail Artists of Manatee County

Claws - Nail Artists of Manatee County
Do we want to focus on how badass this nail salon is or do we want to go there to get our nails done? Or both?

11. Friends - Central Perk

Friends - Central Perk
Central Perk is well known enough that a list wouldn't feel complete without our favorite coffeeshop making the list.

12. Supergirl - CatCo Worldwide Media

Supergirl - CatCo Worldwide Media
There is no denying that CatCo was legendary when Cat was there and in charge. But this is still a place of work that deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

13. Siren - Bristol Cove Marine Research Center

Siren - Bristol Cove Marine Research Center
Animals and kind people seem like the wonderful workplace mix that we are always looking for. The research center does too much good to not receive the attention it clearly should have by now.

14. Grey's Anatomy - Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Grey's Anatomy - Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
There is a reason that Grey's Anatomy has been on the air for as long as it has, and a part of it belongs to Grey Sloan and the familiarity that it gives all the fans.

15. Suits - Pearson Specter Litt

Suits - Pearson Specter Litt
There is officially one last season for us to savor the time spent within Pearson Specter Litt and it deserves all the celebration.

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