23 TV Spouses That Are Actual Goals For Us

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Who knew there was a National Spouses Day?! 

A creative way to celebrate such a day is to look at all the TV couples that are happily married and reflect on their relationships.

There are some spouses that give us serious goal vibes, we just want exactly what they have. Whether it is their relationship, or we just want to be in that relationship with them, there is something there. 

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There is a reason why certain couples are able to find their happily ever after and continue to make it work for seasons to come. Perhaps they have some secrets that they could even share with everyone else.  

Here is a slideshow of some memorable TV couples that make us both jealous and yet also so happy with their love. 

1. Lucy and Wyatt - Timeless

Lucy and Wyatt - Timeless
These two almost didn't find the happiness that they clearly deserved, so getting that happy ending made it all the more special. If there was ever a couple for us to want to be included in, Lucy and Wyatt are definitely it. They are just all of it.

2. Amy and Jake - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy and Jake - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
They have been married for about three episodes, and yet they have already blown all the other married couples out of the water. There is no spouses competition when Jake and Amy exist in the TV world for us to fall in love with more and more every time.

3. Connor and Oliver - How To Get Away With Murder

Connor and Oliver - How To Get Away With Murder
It is about time these two got married, they made too much sense not to. And now we get to feel even more jealous that we aren't as cute as Oliver and Connor together.

4. Jamie and Claire - Outlander

Jamie and Claire - Outlander
None of us can brag that our love goes beyond actual time, so we simply get to watch Jamie and Claire show us how it is done.

5. Bob and Linda - Bob's Burgers

Bob and Linda - Bob's Burgers
Looking at their moments is seeing everything that you want in a relationship for yourself every single time.

6. Jim and Pam - The Office

Jim and Pam - The Office
Jim and Pam always communicated with one another and their relationship made sense in a way that we still aren't prepared for. Their marriage is a rare one, definitely the kind to be jealous of.

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