17 Hottest Werewolves on Television

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Werewolves have become the new supernatural being of choice on television - and with this sexy group of male and female wolves to choose from, who can blame us for turning to the canine beasts?

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1. Clayton Danvers - Bitten

Clayton Danvers - Bitten
Clay was a feral werewolf child found in the swamps of New Orleans when he was taken in by his pack. Now a professor and fiercely loyal, he has an unending love for his ex, Elena.

2. Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

Scott McCall - Teen Wolf
Scott was once a goofy kid who just wanted to play lacrosse. Then he was bitten. With his powers as a werewolf and his personal charisma and compassion, he was revealed to be a True Alpha. Hawt.

3. Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals

Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals
Klaus is the original hybrid, half werewolf by birth, half vampire. He's sadistic, impulsive, narcissistic and emotional which sounds horrible but makes for one sexy hybrid!

4. Elena Michaels - Bitten

Elena Michaels - Bitten
Elena is the world's only known female werewolf and her pack is very protective of her. That's why she left for a life as a freelance photographer.

5. Derek Hale - Teen Wolf

Derek Hale - Teen Wolf
Derek is sexy, brooding and sarcastic and comes from a family of werewolves. He was the Alpha until Scott proved to be a True Alpha. Now more of a big brother, that doesn't seem to have hurt his sex appeal.

6. Tyler Lockwood - Vampire Diaries

Tyler Lockwood - Vampire Diaries
Tyler is another hybrid, werewolf by birth, and half vampire. He was an angry teen who learned how to control his temper to become a better man as a beast. He'd like to save the world, one cause at a time.

7. Alcide Herveaux - True Blood

Alcide Herveaux - True Blood
Alcide was raised a working man in a Were society that greatly respects women. Although he was once Packmaster, his hatred of violence made him turn away from the life and remain close with his other supernatural friends. (May Alcide rest in peace.)

8. Peter Rumancek - Hemlock Grove

Peter Rumancek - Hemlock Grove
Peter is a Gypsy werewolf who moves to the small town and is immediately the hottest ticket in it. The richest boy wants to be him and he becomes entangled in their family mess.

9. Hayley Marshall - The Originals

Hayley Marshall - The Originals
Hayley is tough, vulnerable and protective. She doesn't know where she came from so she values her friends highly, even though she appears to put her own life above all others.

10. Logan Jonsen - Bitten

Logan Jonsen - Bitten
Logan is caring and wise and runs a successful psychology practice. He's trustworthy and brings a bit of color to the world of wolves.

11. Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf

Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf
Isaac willingly accepted a bite from Derek to escape a life of torture and abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. He has a kind nature and was one of the first to accept Scott as his new pack leader. His type of sexy is loaded with innocence.

12. Aiden and Ethan - Teen Wolf

Aiden and Ethan - Teen Wolf
Aiden and Ethan had the ability to morph into one when they were Alphas, so they're in this together. One is kind of mean, the other sweet; together they're a decent team. The best news is one swings for each team!

13. Peter Hale - Teen Wolf

Peter Hale - Teen Wolf
Peter is Derek's uncle. He's sarcastic, narcissistic and antagonistic. He's been to hell and Lydia brough him back to life, so this Alpha has a bone to pick, making him dark and dangerous, but still sexy with that cocky humor of his.

14. Nora Sergeant - Being Human

Nora Sergeant - Being Human
Nora had the misfortune of being bitten on a date with her now husband, Josh. She's strong and fiercely protective. That's kind of hot.

15. Jackson Herveaux - True Blood

Jackson Herveaux - True Blood
Is it enought to be Alcide's father? We're going to have to say yes. Especially because in the end he let Alcide be his own man. That takes guts in a pack. For those who like the older guy, this wolf is howing to be yours.

16. Josh Levison - Being Human

Josh Levison - Being Human
Josh lost a fiancee and his future when he was bitten on a camping trip, and only found solace after meeting vampire Aidan with whom he decided to try to be human. Now he's married to fellow wolf, Nora, and together with ghost Sally they struggle to keep up the facade of being human. If you like your sexy with a dose of humor and snuggles, Josh is for you.

17. Ruby/Red Riding Hood - Once Upon A Time

Ruby/Red Riding Hood - Once Upon A Time
Could we have ever imagined the one threatened by a wolf would be one herself? No way. But she was, and a great one. Her magical cloak kept her from being herself. Is that fair. NO!

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