16 Jaw-Droppers That Left Us Speechless

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Does your jaw hurt from watching too much TV?

It's moments like the ones in the gallery below that can be a pain when you have to pick your jaw up off the floor after the shock wears off.

Whether your favorite made the list or not, hit the comments and share your thoughts with us! We all love a good jaw-dropper.

1. The Good Place is The Bad Place!

The Good Place is The Bad Place!
The mega-twist at the end of The Good Place Season 1 when Eleanor finds out that the reason she and the other characters have been so unhappy in the good place is because it's actually the bad place, and Ted Danson is no angel, but an agent of the dark side who has been manipulating their world to torture them. This game-changing revelation took everything I thought I knew about the show and literally flipped it upside down!

2. The 100 Leap Forward in Time

The 100 Leap Forward in Time
The 100 has long been one of my favorite shows, and while The 100 Season 4 was a marked improvement over The 100 Season 3, the series needed another nudge in the right direction. That ending with a spaceship appearing and Clarke getting her gun gave me chills.

3. The Downfall of Tobias Fornell on NCIS

The Downfall of Tobias Fornell on NCIS
Joe Spano's FBI Agent Tobias Fornell has been a major recurring character on NCIS since its first season -- since the very first episode, in fact. In both his professional capacity as an investigator and personal as a close friend of Mark Harmon's Gibbs, Fornell proved both foil and mirror over the years. But it wasn't until NCIS Season 15 Episode 7 that we saw how the normally by-the-book FBI investigator once took the law into his own hands and suppressed evidence in order to ensure a conviction of a very dangerous and manipulative murderer.

Despite Fornell's good intentions to put away a murderer, this colossal mistake ultimately ensured the man's release years later, severely damaged Fornell's relationship with Gibbs, and quite likely destroyed his long and distinguished career in the FBI (not to mention the possibility that other criminals, guilty or not, might also challenge their convictions over this revelation).

4. Jake Proposing to Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Proposing to Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I admit it, I did not see Jake's proposal on Brooklyn 99 Season 5 Episode 4 coming at all! Amy spent the entire episode claiming that she would win the heist because Jake couldn't surprise her anymore now that they live together, but he more than proved her (and the rest of the audience) wrong. Just when she thought she'd outwitted Jake and found the belt, she found an inscription asking her to marry him. So no one won the heist this year, but the ending couldn't have been better.

5. John Hawkes' Death on Underground

John Hawkes' Death on Underground
John Hawkes' death on Underground was a complete and utter shock that set the entire second season in motion. It was so unexpected and so very devastating.

6. Crowley and Castiel Both Killed on Supernatural

Crowley and Castiel Both Killed on Supernatural
Crowley and Castiel both being killed on the season finale of Supernatural Season 12 was a big shock. Granted, given the series' knack for bringing dead characters back more times than I can count on both hands, Mark Sheppard confirming his character's death would stick was a huge blow to the series.

7. Sharon's Collapse on Major Crimes

Sharon's Collapse on Major Crimes
OMG, when Sharon collapsed on Major Crimes. I kind of knew it was happening because she'd spent the whole hour being dizzy and overworked and refusing to slow down and rest but the scene itself shocked and upset me and left me needing the next episode to hurry up and come!

8. You CAN Go Back to Game of Thrones Again

You CAN Go Back to Game of Thrones Again
It was shocking how easy it was to pick back up on a serious viewing basis watching Game of Thrones Season 7 after two seasons of watching episodes sporadically or on mega fast forward. Yes, you can just read news and reviews and pick up as if you missed nothing at all and be just as invested when Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen, when Daenerys loses her beloved Viserion, Sansa and Arya team up to finally end the jerk that was Littlefinger, and the wall comes tumbling down.

9. Joanna Wellick Dying on Mr. Robot

Joanna Wellick Dying on Mr. Robot
The death was such a shock. It seemed like her driver was getting killed off, but before we know it, her scalp was being ripped open to retrieve the bullet. Being so early in Mr. Robot Season 3, it was a good twist because she still had a lot of stories to tell.

10. Shades of Blue Season 2 Finale

Shades of Blue Season 2 Finale
The entire Shades of Blue season finale was shocking. There was so much happening. There were a couple of cliffhangers that left me staring at the television with my mouth open. The deaths and new issues that came were shocking. Stahl being completely, irrevocably unhinged was shocking as was the state Harlee and Woz were left in when things ended.

11. Snubs of The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire

Snubs of The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire
I was and continue to be shocked The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire can be on so many critics Top Ten Lists for 2017 and yet received no awards nominations whatsoever. I'm incredulous and not in a good way. Perhaps there is a serious disconnect between awards and those truly invested in critiquing the entertainment people watch.

12. Darla's Reveal about Blue on Queen Sugar

Darla's Reveal about Blue on Queen Sugar
Darla telling Ralph Angel that Blue might not be his son on Queen Sugar. It was the revelation I never saw coming. Ralph Angel certainly has his faults. He’s spent time in prison and can be stubborn at times, but he has always been an amazing father to Blue. That boy has been the center of his universe and his reason for working to become a better man.

When Darla admitted that she had been with other men while she was addicted to heroin, it shocked Ralph Angel, the entire family, and the audience. Not that DNA will ever change how much Blue is loved, but I hope the Bordelon’s get a DNA test next season so that we know about Blue’s paternity one way or the other because the not knowing is killing me!

13. Zombies are Real on iZombie

Zombies are Real on iZombie
Everybody learning that zombies are real on iZombie. I expected for the world to never learn the truth. It's usually what happens on supernatural shows, and I was okay with that. It's something I never thought would happen. When Johnny Frost broke the news on live TV, my jaw hit the floor. It is a complete gamechanger. I can't wait to see what happens next season.

14. The Downfall of Bull During its Second Season

The Downfall of Bull During its Second Season
As someone who never followed NCIS and thus came to Bull with no previous love of Michael Weatherly, I was amazed by how much I enjoyed the procedural jury selection stories based on highly topical subject matter. Moreover, I enjoyed meeting the T.A.C. team and reveled in the wonderful team dynamic they created as a true ensemble cast. Even as the individual members demonstrated personal flaws, including Weatherly's intrepid lead, they exemplified the respect, humor, and support for each other that super-hero teams need in order to succeed.

So I was doubly and painfully shocked at how badly the change in show-runner affected the very heart of the series. While some core characters were relegated to obligatory appearances -- sometimes without a single line in an episode -- others had their multi-faceted personalities completely overhauled and replaced with trite and ridiculous cliches. Motivations became monetary and selfish. Gone were the white hats and team-as-family vibe. All that was left after this unnecessary reboot was an unlikely and unrealistic soap with unlikable characters. I've never seen a show go from rapture to rubbish so quickly.

15. Transgender Outing on Survivor

Transgender Outing on Survivor
The most shocking television moment of 2017 for me was when Jeff Varner outed Zeke Smith as transgender on Survivor: Game Changers. Survivor tribal councils are always intense and fun to watch, but this one was heartbreaking and uncomfortable. Rarely do we see a Survivor player using deeply personal attacks to try to stay in the game.

Generally, it is about gameplay, but Jeff Varner made it unnecessarily personal and emotional by outing someone who didn't want to be outed. It was awful to watch happen. Even Jeff Probst couldn't contain his shock and didn't let him get away with his fake apology. He simply stated, "We don't even need to vote" and kicked him out. The way Zeke handled it as well as the support he received from his tribe mates, Survivor, CBS, and the viewers were wonderful.

16. Micro Reunites with His Family on The Punisher

Micro Reunites with His Family on The Punisher
The first season of The Punisher on Netflix featured a classic "guy fakes his death to protect his family" scenario with David Lieberman, AKA Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach). Given the expectedly grim and violent nature of the series, it would make sense for Micro to either die for real at some point or be forced to remain in hiding. Imagine my shock, then, when Micro is not killed and in fact safely reunited with his family and returned home in the open, reclaiming his life (or at the very least beginning to do so). It was as hopeful and happy an ending to that story as one could ever imagine, really.

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