16 Jaw-Droppers That Left Us Speechless

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Does your jaw hurt from watching too much TV?

It's moments like the ones in the gallery below that can be a pain when you have to pick your jaw up off the floor after the shock wears off.

Whether your favorite made the list or not, hit the comments and share your thoughts with us! We all love a good jaw-dropper.

1. The Good Place is The Bad Place!

The Good Place is The Bad Place!
The mega-twist at the end of The Good Place Season 1 when Eleanor finds out that the reason she and the other characters have been so unhappy in the good place is because it's actually the bad place, and Ted Danson is no angel, but an agent of the dark side who has been manipulating their world to torture them. This game-changing revelation took everything I thought I knew about the show and literally flipped it upside down!

2. The 100 Leap Forward in Time

The 100 Leap Forward in Time
The 100 has long been one of my favorite shows, and while The 100 Season 4 was a marked improvement over The 100 Season 3, the series needed another nudge in the right direction. That ending with a spaceship appearing and Clarke getting her gun gave me chills.

3. The Downfall of Tobias Fornell on NCIS

The Downfall of Tobias Fornell on NCIS
Joe Spano's FBI Agent Tobias Fornell has been a major recurring character on NCIS since its first season -- since the very first episode, in fact. In both his professional capacity as an investigator and personal as a close friend of Mark Harmon's Gibbs, Fornell proved both foil and mirror over the years. But it wasn't until NCIS Season 15 Episode 7 that we saw how the normally by-the-book FBI investigator once took the law into his own hands and suppressed evidence in order to ensure a conviction of a very dangerous and manipulative murderer.

Despite Fornell's good intentions to put away a murderer, this colossal mistake ultimately ensured the man's release years later, severely damaged Fornell's relationship with Gibbs, and quite likely destroyed his long and distinguished career in the FBI (not to mention the possibility that other criminals, guilty or not, might also challenge their convictions over this revelation).

4. Jake Proposing to Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Proposing to Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I admit it, I did not see Jake's proposal on Brooklyn 99 Season 5 Episode 4 coming at all! Amy spent the entire episode claiming that she would win the heist because Jake couldn't surprise her anymore now that they live together, but he more than proved her (and the rest of the audience) wrong. Just when she thought she'd outwitted Jake and found the belt, she found an inscription asking her to marry him. So no one won the heist this year, but the ending couldn't have been better.

5. John Hawkes' Death on Underground

John Hawkes' Death on Underground
John Hawkes' death on Underground was a complete and utter shock that set the entire second season in motion. It was so unexpected and so very devastating.

6. Crowley and Castiel Both Killed on Supernatural

Crowley and Castiel Both Killed on Supernatural
Crowley and Castiel both being killed on the season finale of Supernatural Season 12 was a big shock. Granted, given the series' knack for bringing dead characters back more times than I can count on both hands, Mark Sheppard confirming his character's death would stick was a huge blow to the series.

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