17 Satisfying TV Smooches

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How does the song go? You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss?

Well, sometimes a kiss is WAY more than just a kiss. 

When the couple we root for lock lips, a part of our hearts swells up 10 times and we feel the heat.

You may even replay those kisses over and over again on our DVR's computers, and cell phones. (Don't pretend you haven't saved a few of these GIF's in your gallery!)

While the shows and circumstances are all quite different for each of these, but one thing can be said for every kiss on this list: every one was damn satisfying.

There are hundred of incredible kisses in the history of television, so narrowing down this list wasn't easy. If your favorite kiss isn't listed here, don't dismay! Please share it with us in the comments! We love hearing from you!



1. Mulder and Scully, The X-Files

Mulder and Scully, The X-Files
Fun fact! The term “shipping” starts here with Mulder and Scully, certainly not the first will they/won't they couple, but the first to ignite such passion in fans that they coined a term for it. And what a reward they received in Season 7, when Mulder and Scully finally kissed on this lovely New Year's Eve.

2. Clarke and Lexa, The 100

Clarke and Lexa, The 100
Listen, we can argue over Clarke's love life for hours upon hours after watching The 100, but let's just all agree that Clarke and Lexa's first kiss is pretty fantastic. Clarke may not have been ready to move on just yet, but it was pretty clear that she was really into Lexa.

3. Oliver and Felicity, Arrow

Oliver and Felicity, Arrow
I don't feel like I should need to expand upon this GIF, I mean, LOOK at it. But Oliver and Felicity's first kiss included not just an incredible smooch, but also the reveal of Oliver admitting what fans already knew; he was totally in love with Ms. Smoak.

4. Alicia and Will, The Good Wife

Alicia and Will, The Good Wife
No elevator ride will ever be this sexy, I guarantee it. Will and Alicia's sexual tension was off the charts. And then this moment, one that was written perfectly, executed perfectly...the perfect kiss. Let's not think about how this story ends, because it really hurts too much. Let's just stare at this GIF over and over and over...

5. Rory and Jess, Gilmore Girls

Rory and Jess, Gilmore Girls
After nearly an entire season of flirting, adorable teenage glances, and driving each other crazy in the best way, Rory finally admitted to her feelings for Jess and planted one on him at Sookie and Jackson's wedding. It was everything that a satisfying teenage kiss should be: fast, sudden, and butterfly-inducing.

6. Jim and Pam, The Office

Jim and Pam, The Office
Casino Night was really emotional for Pam and Jim. She bested him at poker, took all his money, and then was blind-sighted by his admission of love to her. Things got even more emotional when Jim, in a suicide mission to win Pam's affection, kissed her in the dark Dunder Mifflin office. And The Office would never, ever be the same again.

7. Josh and Donna, The West Wing

Josh and Donna, The West Wing
Who knew that an election could elicit such sexual energy? After nearly seven years of pining for one another, and seven years of waiting and buildup for fans at home, Josh celebrated the news that his candidate, Santos, was ahead in the polls in California by kissing Donna. It gave new meaning to the sentiment, “I'm so happy I could kiss you.” And what a kiss it was...

8. Sydney and Vaughn, Alias

Sydney and Vaughn, Alias
With SD-6 no longer a threat, and Vaughn no longer operating as Sydney's handler, the two sexiest people working for the CIA locked lips amidst the wreckage left behind in the raid. That 360 camera spin made everything about this kiss magical.

9. Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation
Tired of sidestepping their feelings because of a stupid work rule (he was her boss, after all) after an overnight business trip that was interrupted by a poorly timed visit from their boss, Chris, Ben finally took charge and kissed Leslie. Viewers happily cheered because their favorite Pawnee couple had finally locked lips, and then laughed at Leslie's response. “Uh-oh.”

10. Nick and Jess, New Girl

Nick and Jess, New Girl
The kiss heard around the world happened after a drunken game of True American when Nick and Jess were forced to kiss, but didn't, with Nick exclaiming, “Not like this!” Later that evening, in the hallway, Nick showed Jess exactly what he wanted their first kiss to be.

11. Emma and Hook, Once Upon a Time

Emma and Hook, Once Upon a Time
Emma spent a long time denying her attraction to the handsome captain with one hand, but when he helped to save her father, Prince Charming's, life, there was no better way to thank the man than to give him a big old kiss, which was exactly what he wanted in return. Although she said it was a one time thing, we all knew it was only a matter of time for these two to become a full-fledged couple.

12. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

Mickey and Ian, Shameless
Not the first kiss between the Shameless super couple, but it is their first public kiss. Every other encounter between Mickey and Ian prior to this one was shown in a negative light. But this moment right here, this is why die hard fans love #Gallavich.

13. Ross and Rachel, Friends

Ross and Rachel, Friends
Ross didn't get a cat and boy, oh boy, was he mad about it. After barging into Central Perk to scold Rachel forever telling him that she had feelings for him, Rachel goes to great lengths to get closure on her feelings, which included about 10 different locks on the coffee shop's doors. But when she stopped crying long enough to look back and see him standing in the rain, the most satisfying kiss in television history occurred.

14. Elena and Damon, The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon, The Vampire Diaries
Damon confesses to Elena how guilty he feels about the fact that Stefan does things to save him. But as he walks away, feeling guilty, he decides that if he's going to feel guilty about something, it needs to be kissing Elena. And what an incredible kiss it was.

15. Veronica and Logan, Veronica Mars

Veronica and Logan, Veronica Mars
Opposites definitely attracted when super hottie Logan Echols sprung a kiss onto Veronica and everyone (seriously everyone) wanted to be her in that moment.

16. Olivia and Jake, Scandal

Olivia and Jake, Scandal
Olivia tried to cancel her date with Jake, but he ignored the call, not willing to take no for an answer. He knows she’s not over someone (Fitz) so he comes up with the perfect solution; he kisses her. And his entire speech about how she deserves to feel good made all of us feel really good, too.

17. Cristina and Owen, Grey's Anatomy

Cristina and Owen, Grey's Anatomy
After fixing up Cristina’s wound, and turning down an offer to work at the hospital, Owen shuts the blinds, and give Cristina an epic, and I mean EPIC kiss. She doesn’t even know him…but after that kiss, it’s no wonder she gets to know him.

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