17 Scary Good Monster Romances

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Everybody loves a bad boy (or girl) and our favorite television heroes and heroines are no exception. The young children who loved Beauty and the Beast as have grown up, but we still love the idea of finding the humanity within the monster. Even when the title of monster isn't quite so metaphorical.

So when we see a supernatural hottie with a dark side and a heart of gold, we can't help but fall in love with the monster as well as the fictional character who brings that heart to the surface.

So, here are a few of the scary good monster romances that have made us swoon and sigh.

1. Elena and Damon/Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon/Stefan - The Vampire Diaries
Vampire romances are some of the most classic forms of monster romance on television. And both Damon as well as Stefan fit the bill of monstrous at one point or another throughout the show. But with those fab abs, we can't quite blame Elena for loving either of them.

2. Buffy and Spike/Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Spike/Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The original monster romance! The brilliance of a relationship between a vampire and a vampire slayer will always be a television highlight, no matter how many other shows rip off the concept.

3. Cotton and Anne - Salem

Cotton and Anne - Salem
A witch and a priest. And on a show full of witches, Anne was the scariest one of all. Plus, it's always fun to flip the script and have the beauty also play the beast.

4. Peter and Letha - Hemlock Grove

Peter and Letha - Hemlock Grove
Peter was the heart and soul of Hemlock Grove, and although his relationship with Roman was arguably stronger than the one he had with Letha, it was still sweet to see their interactions back when everything on the show was happy and innocent.

5. Belle and Rumpeltstiltskin - Once Upon A Time

Belle and Rumpeltstiltskin - Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time's spin on Beauty and the Beast had Belle paired with a monster from a totally different fairy tale. Which turns out to be the more interesting story as Rumple actually stays a beast pretty much the entire time.

6. Aidan and Sally - Being Human

Aidan and Sally - Being Human
This one is interesting because technically it's a romance between two monsters. Sally, a ghost, and Aidan, a vampire. Their story is about both of them finding their humanity which is a fun twist on the usual monster romance trope.

7. Cole and Phoebe - Charmed

Cole and Phoebe - Charmed
This one dates back almost as far as Buffy! Although Cole and Phoebe were arguably robbed of a happy ending, it was sweet to see Cole fight so hard to be worthy of Phoebe's love. And as an OG fan, I would say he earned it in the end.

8. Dean and Amara - Supernatural

Dean and Amara - Supernatural
One could argue that this never really became cannon but the chemistry between Dean and Amara was smoldering throughout Season 11, and I for one would have loved to see them pursue it. Nevertheless, It was fun while it lasted!

9. Dracula and Vanessa - Penny Dreadful

Dracula and Vanessa - Penny Dreadful
Penny Dreadful is all about monster romances but the best would have to be between Vanessa Ives and Dracula, AKA Dr. Sweet. At first, it seemed like Dr. Sweet was the only trustworthy male character on the show which made the twist, that he was actually the big bad of the entire three Season series, all the more terrifying.

10. Bo and Lauren - Lost GIrl

Bo and Lauren - Lost GIrl
Everyone loves a monster with a heart of gold. Bo is a succubus, but she is also a loving and trustworthy heroine. Her relationship with Lauren is one of honesty and mutual respect, as well as one of the healthiest monster romances on TV.

11. Dracula and Mina - Dracula

Dracula and Mina - Dracula
The relationship between Dracula and Mina is a classic, and if you are a fan of watching a handsome man pining over his lost love, the NBC version of Dracula is absolutely for you.

12. Lee and Nygma - Gotham

Lee and Nygma - Gotham
By the time Lee and Nygma end up together, she has become somewhat of a monster herself. But that is what makes this relationship even more exciting. They bring out the darkness in each other.

13. Hannibal and Will - Hannibal

Hannibal and Will - Hannibal
Hannibal is one of those monsters who has been around for a long time, but did anyone ever see him as a romantic interest? We all love when the monster and the monster hunter end up having chemistry, but NBC's Hannibal set a new bar for a well-done monster romance with this one.

14. Liv and Major - iZombie

Liv and Major - iZombie
Liv isn't exactly a monster, but she is definitely the hottest zombie on TV right now. Never thought I would want a zombie and a human to find a happy ending as much as I do with the characters on iZombie.

15. Margot and Seth - Channel 0

Margot and Seth - Channel 0
Seth is straight up evil, but he is also horribly troubled, and I firmly believe he was in love with Margot. Unfortunately, due to all of the trauma and horror that Seth had witnessed in his life, he really had no idea what a healthy version of love would look like. Suffice to say, I was happy that he was basically eaten by cannibals by the end of the season.

16. Gwynn and Talon - The Outpost

Gwynn and Talon - The Outpost
Talon may not be your classic definition of a monster, but there is definitely something supernatural about her, and I will genuinely be shocked if something doesn't happen between her and Gwynn by the end of the season.

17. Sookie and Eric - True Blood

Sookie and Eric - True Blood
A vampire and a fairy. Never thought I would see the day when both of these fantasy creatures were featured in the same universe let alone with this degree of chemistry. Shout out to HBO!

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