17 Shocking Cliffhangers That Wrapped Up the Spring 2019 TV Season

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Most of us are on a "love to hate" basis with cliffhangers. 

We love them because they're exciting and leave us with countless possibilities of what's to come for our favorite shows and characters. 

Yet, we hate them because they usually leave us hanging for a few solid months. 

If done right, a cliffhanger leaves you feeling breathless, confused, and screaming at the screen at the top of your lungs. .

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A thousand thoughts race through our minds: what happens next? Who died? Who killed who? Who is going to survive? What's the meaning of life? 

Yes, waiting approximately four months to see the outcome of a cliffhanger is borderline unbearable (and it's even worse if a show has a midseason return date), but without cliffhangers there'd be nothing to look forward to and nothing to keep us invested. 

As the 2019 spring TV season wraps up, we're looking back at some of the most twisted and shocking cliffhangers.

Which TV show cliffhangers would you add to the list?

1. Chicago Fire - "I'm Not Leaving You"

Chicago Fire - "I'm Not Leaving You"
Early on, Hermann said, "we're going to take a beating" and by the end, everyone on the show was in danger as a blaze erupted at a mattress factory with all of Ladder 81 trapped inside. The final moment showed a pressure gauge on the boiler cracking, which isn't good for the team. The episode was amplified by the romantic twist between Brett and Casey. Despite obvious sparks, Brett accepted a surprise proposal from Kyle after Casey pushed her into Kyle's arms by commenting about how they made a good couple.

2. The Resident - "The Unbefriended"

The Resident - "The Unbefriended"
The Resident pulled the classic "who will die" cliffhanger as it left one life hanging in the balance at Chastain. Will it be Nic's father, Kyle, who conquered his fears of surgery to donate a kidney and save his daughter's life? Or will it be Nic's sister, Jessie, a recovering drug addict hoping for a second chance at life?

3. Riverdale - "Survive the Night"

Riverdale - "Survive the Night"
Riverdale wrapped up its Gargoyle King/ Black Hood storyline with a satisfying twist that tied all three seasons together. Everything seemed like it was going to end on a high note until an "I Know What You Did Last Summer" flashforward left Jughead's fate up in the air. Betty, Veronica and Archie, wearing swimsuits and covered in blood, presumably Jug's, while burning his iconic hat and vowing to "never speak" of what happened again. So much for that "friends forever" promise.

4. Good Girls - "King"

Good Girls - "King"
Rio always warned Beth that "it ain't easy being King," but she just didn't listen. When Rio gifted her with the option of killing Turner and getting rid of all of her problems, she turned the gun on Rio and shot him instead. But is he dead? Beth seems to think so. And since Turner turned a blind eye to her previous indiscretions, Beth took the "W" and convinced the ladies that they could run the fake money operation without Rio. Wait till she hears him say the one word that's going to leave her shook up: "Elizabeth."

5. This Is Us - "Her"

This Is Us - "Her"
This Is Us finally revealed the identity of the mysterious "her" in the flash-forward scenes and, per usual, it was a revelation that hit us right in the feels. The "her" everyone gathered to see is a very old and frail Rebecca. She's presumably on her death bed, possibly disoriented and Jack's brother, Nicky, is by her side. Where does the storyline go from here? In the scene, it's also revealed that Kevin is a father, but it's unclear who the mother is. As for Kate and Toby, well, some fans think they aren't married anymore.

6. Roswell, New Mexico - "Recovering the Satellites"

Roswell, New Mexico - "Recovering the Satellites"
After Max tapped into his full powers and killed Noah, the fourth alien in Roswell, they found Rosa floating around in a pod. Knowing how much Rosa meant to Liz, Max attempted to revive her. Liz felt that something was wrong with Max through their handprint connection and ran to the cave only to find a disoriented Rosa wrapped up in a blanket walking towards her. She also finds Max dead inside the cave in a classic "life-for-a-life" twist. Is he really dead? Probably not, but there have to be some consequences for bringing back a dead girl.

7. Superstore - "Employee Appreciation Day"

Superstore - "Employee Appreciation Day"
Superstore's Season 4 cliffhanger was teased as the "biggest one they've ever had," and boy, they weren't kidding. Corporate authorized an ICE raid set-up to hinder the establishment of a union. Employees tried to hide Mateo, who recently found out he was undocumented, but their efforts were in vain as he was handcuffed and taken in. The last line of the season found Amy looking at Jonah and asking, “Wanna start a union?” And this time, she means it.

8. Legacies - "There's Always a Loophole"

Legacies - "There's Always a Loophole"
Following a surprisingly entertaining and well-executed first season, Legacies brought their A-game for the finale in which Hope Mikealson found a purpose for her existence by sacrificing herself to Malivore in order to save her friends at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Though Hope's act was noble and admirable, no one is going to remember it because the black void erased her from existence. How is Alaric's team going to bring Hope back without actually remembering her?

9. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists - Enter the Professor

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists - Enter the Professor
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists isn't living up to its predecessor, Pretty Little Liars, but the cliffhanger has us wanting to stick around Beacon Heights for at least another season. While "A" orchestrated all the madness on the original PLL, it seems someone by the name of "the Professor" is toying with Alison, Mona and the others in the new iteration. But who is the Professor? Why does the Professor have access the Beacon Guard? And is the Professor the person who killed Nolan?

10. The Rookie - "Free Fall"

The Rookie - "Free Fall"
Officer Tim Bradford was exposed to a deadly contagion after helping to thwart a terrorist attack and prevent a possible viral outbreak. But just when we thought he was safe, he fainted on the front lawn after getting a dose of an experimental vaccine leaving viewers wondering if it worked or if he's about to suffer a horrific fate.

11. Dynasty - "Deception, Jealousy, and Lies"

Dynasty - "Deception, Jealousy, and Lies"
Dynasty pulled out a classic soap-opera twist from its bag of tricks to wrap up the third season. Fallon was played by Blake, Cristal and Adam, who were in cahoots to frame Culhane for working with Ada Stone in order to get the FBI off of Blake's back. Fallon also lost her company to Kirby, who decided not to sell Fallon her company back. Anders quit serving Blake after years of blind loyalty just as divers, hired by Adam, found two dead bodies at the bottom of the Carrington lake. And while all of this was going down, Liam, who had been knocked out cold by Adam, was drowning face-down at the pool. We know he's not dead, but it was still a hard scene to watch!

12. The Flash - "Legacy"

The Flash - "Legacy"
Not only does Nora fade into existence, but Barry Allen's disappearance is set to happen sooner than 2024. After the Team defeats the metahuman serial killer, Cicada, they alter the timeline and Barry’s disappearance shifts from 2040 to 2019. The last shot returns to the Time Vault and reveals the date change, a moment Team Flash doesn't get to see.

13. Chicago Med - "With a Brave Heart"

Chicago Med - "With a Brave Heart"
Chicago Med has adopted plenty of soap-opera elements while remaining an entertaining medical drama. Unable to find their happy ending, Natalie and Will suffered another setback after Will's enemy got out of prison and plowed his car into Will's sending Natalie flying out of the passenger's seat and unconscious. Was she in his car to tell him she loved him too? Elsewhere, April told Ethan she's "late," Maggie found out she has metastatic breast cancer, and Ava possibly admitted to murdering Connor's father so they could finally be together. Shouldn't he be grateful?

14. Supergirl - "The Quest for Peace"

Supergirl - "The Quest for Peace"
National City's biggest threat, Lex Luthor, is killed by the end of the season, but when Eve tries to skip town, she's approached by the organization that warns her Leviathan, season five's baddie, is coming. The Monitor shows up bringing a Green Martian who is hellbent on getting revenge on his "brother" J'onn Jonzz before visiting Lex Luthor's dead body to possibly bring him back. And, of course, as he took his last breath, Lex told Lena that Kara was Supergirl which she pretended to not know when meeting up with the group later. Will we see Lena spiral out of control next season?

15. New Amsterdam - "Luna"

New Amsterdam - "Luna"
The show's freshman season has been a whirlwind of emotions up until the final moments of the last episode. When a stolen ambulance slammed into the ambulance carrying Lauren, Helen, Georgia, Max and newborn Luna, viewers were left wondering who would live and who would die. Max appeared to be okay as he held onto baby Luna, but Georgia was unconscious and possibly in jeopardy. Lauren was catapulted through the front windshield while Helen went missing.

16. Chicago PD - "Reckoning"

Chicago PD - "Reckoning"
Chicago PD Season 5 didn't go down without a fight topping the final episode with another case of "who-dun-it." As Kelton won the Mayoral race, Ruzek was arrested for covering up a murder committed by Antonio while he was high off of painkillers. Shortly after, Kelton was found dead in his home with multiple gunshot wounds. Was it Antonio, who popped more pills to cope with the stress, or Voight, who informed Halstead he was paying Kelton a little visit?

17. Killing Eve - "You're Mine"

Killing Eve - "You're Mine"
Obsession is a dangerous thing. The final moments of season 3 found Eve face down with a gunshot wound to her back amongst the ancient ruins. Assassin Villanelle fired the potentially fatal shot after Eve found out she manipulated her into killing Raymond. Defeated and exasperated, Eve turned down Villanelle's suggestion to run away together, and Villanelle did what she does best: eliminated the object of her desire by shooting her in the back. Her biggest mistake was not checking to see if Eve was really dead. Is she?

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