17 TV Characters Who Could Use a Little Luck

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We could all use a little luck once in a while.

But that rings especially true for some of our favorite characters who have been struggling with relationships, health concerns, work issues, and the occasional small-town cult.

Lucky for them, March is an especially lucky month because of St. Patrick's Day which brings forth the luck of the Irish. 

Quick, someone pass these characters a four leaf clover!

1. Dr. Bell - The Resident

Dr. Bell - The Resident
The wrath of Gordon Page isn't going to be pretty. Page is going to want people to pay for exposing his company for their defective devices and sabotaging his IPO launch. And something tells me, Dr. Bell will be high on that list. Bell could use all the luck in the world to get Gordon and his goons off his back.

2. Passengers of Flight 828 - Manifest

Passengers of Flight 828 - Manifest
Mic, Ben, Cal and the rest of the Flight 828 passengers need a lot of luck figuring out what happened to them five years ago! Not to mention they just discovered that their return comes with an expiration date and have no idea how to beat the odds and survive.

3. Alaric - Legacies

Alaric - Legacies
Alaric is in over his head trying to battle Malivorian monsters, raising cursed teen daughters, and crushing on his best friends girlfriend. Someone give him a break!

4. Rakesh - God Friended Me

Rakesh - God Friended Me
Rakesh is now working on a very cryptic project for Simon Hayes, the man he and Miles believe is behind the God Account. Rakesh is going to need all the luck to prove Hayes' involvement.

5. Kate - This Is Us

Kate - This Is Us
After suffering through a miscarriage, Kate successful got pregnant only to go into labor at 28-weeks. The doctor's delivered her baby successfully through C-section, but baby Jack Jr. has a long way to go. Kate and Toby are both going to need the strength to remain positive.

6. Isobel - Roswell, New Mexico

Isobel - Roswell, New Mexico
Isobel found out she’s responsible for killing three teens a decade ago during one of her blackouts, had herself committed, compelled Kyle to inject her with a serum that caused her cells to degrade rapidly, and had to be put back into her pod so she wouldn't die. Send her some luck, will ya?

7. Betty Cooper - Riverdale

Betty Cooper - Riverdale
Betty’s had a lot going on with her father being the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King taking over Riverdale. But now her brainwashed mother, Alice, is devoting herself to a cult that almost drowned her during their christening ceremony. Did I mention she has nowhere to live because her mother also sold the house?

8. Jane - Jane the Virgin

Jane - Jane the Virgin
Jane was expecting Rafael to propose but instead, she found out her late husband Michael was actually alive. She’s going to need a lot of luck deconstructing her feelings and figuring out her next moves… if it even is Michael.

9. Beth - Good Girls

Beth - Good Girls
Beth is in way over her head with Rio and the gang. Rio just shot her husband, Agent Turner is onto her, and she and the ladies are still doing odd and illegal jobs to make ends meet. When will this end?

10. Kara - Supergirl

Kara - Supergirl
Supergirl has never seen National City this bleak. People are running scared and turning that fear into hatred, a civil war is brewing, she’s fighting a losing battle against the Elite and Ben Lockwood, and her sister doesn’t even know her true identity.

11. Kevin - This Is Us

Kevin - This Is Us
Kevin wanted to find out more about his father’s time in Vietnam, but he ended up finding his long lost uncle and then relapsing. The worst part is that Kevin's managed to convince himself that he's got his drinking under control but a water bottle filled with vodka says otherwise.

12. Jim Gordon - Gotham

Jim Gordon - Gotham
Gordon was shot and hallucinated a trial where he listened to another Jim Gordon say means things about himself and was forced to face his own guilts and failures if he wanted to escape purgatory. Sounds like a bad nightmare.

13. Red - Blacklist

Red - Blacklist
Red's escape from prison could have worked had he informed Liz but instead, he was captured and locked up again. To add insult to injury, Red pleaded guilty to all the charges against him with the assumption his plan could work but now he may actually have to be sentenced to death by lethal injection.

14. Tilly - Star Trek: Discovery

Tilly - Star Trek: Discovery
Tilly's feels overwhelmed by the Command Training Program and then becomes infected by an interdimensional fungus that haunts her in the form of a dead childhood classmate. She's desperate to find a way to solve the ship's spore drive issue using dark matter.

15. Cristal - Dynasty

Cristal - Dynasty
Cristal got wrapped up in the Carrington family and made an enemy out of Alexis which could now cost her and her unborn baby their lives. Not to mention Alexis also shot and killed her ex-husband.

16. Eleanor - The Good Place

Eleanor - The Good Place
Eleanor and Chidi have been finding their way back to each other through various dimensions, but the couple had to say goodbye once again to protect their experiment. The worst part is that Eleanor will have to see the man she loves every day while Chidi won't remember their relationship at all.

17. Candace - YOU

Candace - YOU
Candance willingly walked back into sociopath Joe's life, which was a huge mistake. She's going to need a lot of luck if she even stands a chance at surviving... unless she's also a sociopath. Good luck to everyone on this show, honestly.

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