19 Heroes Who Can Take A Beating

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To see beloved characters pushed to their limits can be hard, but there is no feeling quite like the one you get when the character you're backing bounces back even stronger. It's even better if said character doesn't have supernatural healing abilities or impermeability to bail them out of a beat down.

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Of course, some of these characters get themselves into these situations for a variety of reasons, some selfless, others due to more nihilistic outlooks. Regardless, we know these guys would be our first choices when we need a partner who'd back us up in a brawl in a gang-infested bar located in a shady part of town.

So, kick back and count down our top picks of the most physically resilient characters to have ever appeared onscreen.

1. Matt Murdock (Daredevil)

He may have heightened senses but The Devil of Hell's Kitchen is not impervious, but you can forgive the people who've fought him for thinking otherwise because he just won't stop coming at you no matter the amount of damage he has taken.

2. John Reese (Person Of Interest)

Reese is half-dead on the inside, and if we didn't know any better, we'd say he was dead on the outside too. It's almost supernatural how he manages to keep going even after taking numerous direct shots from different calibers of firearms.

3. Frank Castle (The Punisher)

It is much easier to ask for the number of times Frank isn't injured which is why there isn't quite anyone who has as high a pain threshold as the Punisher himself. In addition to that, Frank revels in the pain, which sucks for those who have the misfortune of crossing him.

4. Hawk (Titans)

Hawk managed to further antagonize his torturer while he was strung up helplessly in an abandoned warehouse. Maybe he knew Dove was coming to his rescue, but it still took a lot of guts to laugh in the face of genital mutilation as brazenly as he did.

5. Tom Keen (The Blacklist)

You've got to admire how dedicated to his craft Tom is. His ability to transform himself into any character is as impressive as it is unnerving. His high tolerance for physical pain is something that he had to develop out of necessity.

6. Alex Danvers (Supergirl)

Agent, and now, Director Danvers has to face off with high-powered alien foes on a daily basis. With the help of Winn, she has acquired some protective suits, but that doesn't negate her ability to take those other-worldly assaults like a champ.

7. Oliver Queen (Arrow)

After surviving all those things on Lian Yu, it'll be hard for anyone to not develop an abnormally high degree of resistance to physical pain. Still, it wasn't clear how high Oliver's was until he got a sword pushed clean through him and was kicked off a mountain by Ra's Al-Ghul.

8. Mad Sweeney (American Gods)

Underneath all that bravado is an old soul who actually cares even if he doesn't show it all that often. But he also has the word "mad" in his name, which should give you an idea into how vicious he is in a fight, and he can take almost all you can throw at him.

9. Spartacus (Spartacus: Blood And Sand)

Spartacus was the spark that ignited the war between the slaves and the Roman Empire, thankfully his time in the arena hardened him enough to not care about the world of hurt the empire had in store for him.

10. Misty Knight (Luke Cage)

Misty has been through a lot in a very short time. She made a few superpowered friends in that time, but she also lost her arm as a parting gift from Bakudo. She also had to start fighting enemies that were several steps above the usual miscreants she comes across as a detective. Not surprisingly, she got the daylight kicked out of her a number of times, but she got back up every time.

11. Hilda Spellman (Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina)

The amount of cruelty Hilda has suffered at the hands of her sister is extremely disturbing, but after being killed in so many ways, and so many times, Hilda has undoubtedly grown used to the pain that comes with those violent deaths.

12. Alaric Saltzman (Legacies)

Alaric has lost a lot and has been through some really convoluted periods in his life. But, before he was turned into a supernatural vampire killer (and then back to human again), he was an everyday person being who proved quite adept at holding his own against vampires. It goes without saying that he was outmatched most of the time, which is probably why his resistance to pain is many times greater than a regular person's.

13. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Dean has been to hell and back, he had escaped purgatory and has had his body put back atom by atom. We're not even mentioning the rich variety of supernatural creatures he has fought over the years, so, a few broken bones aren't enough to keep him down.

14. Sunny (Into The Badlands)

Sunny is the best clipper that has ever walked the badlands even if he has left that life behind now. He may be the best, but that doesn't mean his enemies don't get a few punches in. He also had to not only endure but survive a lot of violence to become who he is today. There is a reason they call it the badlands after all.

15. Lyta Zod (Krypton)

The Zods are hardcore, and they certainly have an interesting way of parenting, that much is clear. They value strength and utter devotion above everything else and it has come at a great cost to their familial relationships. Regardless, that upbringing is what made Laita into a badass who gives as good as she gets on the battlefield.

16. Miles 'Zeke' Shaw (The 100)

Maybe we can just chalk it up the profound effect Raven has on him, but surviving a torture session with some of the most twisted criminals the world had ever seen without breaking was definitely something.

17. Sun Bak (Sense8)

The spirit of Van Damme who, probably more than anyone else in the cluster, has bailed them out of dangerous situations using her martial arts skills. Her tiny size has misled a lot of her opponents to assume she could be swatted away easily. Those guys usually got served the most painful lesson.

18. Shadow Moon (American Gods)

Shadow's first brawl after falling in with Wednesday was with Mad Sweeney who is a heavy hitter in his own right. But that was nowhere near the lynching-style beatdown dished out by Techno Boy. But even that didn't keep Shadow out for long.

19. Melinda May (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D)

The maternal figure of this group of teched out misfits who became the saviors of the MCU, even if The Avengers aren't aware of that fact. She built her rep on her lack of hesitation to jump headfirst into danger. As a result, she has had her ribs caved in more than a few times, but that hasn't slowed her down or made her hesitant.

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