19 Original Netflix Movies and TV Shows for Your Sci-Fi Fix

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Netflix is leaping into the science fiction realm with its own set of original series shows and movies, that fans are raving about.

Netflix also has a horde of shows and movies streaming from the sci-fi realm.

The great thing about Netflix and sci-fi, is the shows are made all around the world, which gives them a dimension you may otherwise not have the opportunity to see.

It opens up a whole new door to ideas and subject matter not touched on before, while also giving you some sci-fi classics.

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There are more shows in the works at Netflix, but we've picked the current top-rated Netflix Original movies and shows for you to check out to get your sci-fi fix. Be on the lookout at Netflix for more science fiction coming your way soon.

Have you seen any of these on Netflix? Do you have any to add, that you want people to watch? Hit the comments and tell us what you think.

1. Travelers - Two Season Series Renewed

Travelers - Two Season Series Renewed
Travelers has two seasons under its belt. Imagine time travel with a significantly new spin. Instead of whole bodies traveling to different times, it's just the mind. All this, of course, is to prevent the end of humanity. It stars Eric McCormack, and who doesn't love that guy?

2. Extinction - Movie

Extinction - Movie
Extinction is a Netflix original about a family man with a wife and two daughters who starts having recurring dreams about an alien invasion. His nightmares become a reality when Earth is attacked and all of its inhabitants are being exterminated. Sounds like your typical alien movie, right? It's not, and the aliens aren't who you think.

3. The Rain - One Season Series

The Rain - One Season Series
When a virus carried by the rain wipes out a Scandinavian population with few survivors, it's teens to the rescue! The series is in Danish, but English is dubbed over, so you can choose either Danish with subtitles or the dubbed version to watch. You'll quickly get past the mouths not matching the words you're hearing in this post-apocalyptic tale, and it'll keep you on your toes. Who doesn't like an apocalyptic teen drama?

4. Altered Carbon - One Season Series Renewed

Altered Carbon - One Season Series Renewed
Set 300 years in the future, Altered Carbon explores a future with no death. Consciousness is merely transferred from one body to another. The show delves into humanity, identity, and the idea of the human soul. And murder. Never forget murder and mayhem because no matter how many lives you lead, you never get over the thrill of that ride.

5. Dark - One Season Series Renewed

Dark - One Season Series Renewed
Dark has only one season but carries five-star reviews. People are raving about it. When kids start disappearing in a German town, a cave with wormholes running through the town is discovered. The supernatural overtones of the show have been compared to another successful Netflix original, Stranger Things. This one is more grown up and far more subtle than the comparison.

6. Stranger Things - Two Season Series Renewed

Stranger Things - Two Season Series Renewed
If you haven't jumped on the Stranger Things train and you love sci-fi, you don't know what you're missing. Taking place in small-town Indiana, the series starts with a the mother of a missing little boy never giving up on finding him. In her journey, she discovers a whole other world of the upside down and government experiments going on in her hometown. Season 3 starts in 2019, so it's time to catch up!

7. 3% - Two Season Series Renewed

3% - Two Season Series Renewed
This is a series you have to watch. It's set in a dystopian future, and the world is bleak. The world has been divided into two, one for the 97% and the other for the 3%. At your 20th birthday, you have the opportunity to enter a physical and psychological fight to live with those who have gone before you to the OffShore. Sight unseen and challenged by the 97%. It has a Hunger Games feel to it, but instead of mere survival, the prize is an idyllic life. Or is it?

8. Sense8 - Series (Completed)

Sense8 - Series (Completed)
Sense8 was made by the creators of The Matrix and Babylon 5, and the viewers are loving it. Sense8 has two season where it explores eight people's lives who are connected telepathically. These sensates experience each other's lives both emotionally and mentally. Try navigating that while being hunted down like animals for disrupting the new world order. Rough life!

9. Glitch - Two Seasons

Glitch - Two Seasons
Glitch is another series in its second season getting great reviews. It's about a doctor and a police officer who discovered that seven of the residents of their town have returned from the dead in perfect health. The resurrected have no idea who they are, and somehow they're all connected. It sounds a lot like many other shows we've seen (Resurrection, The Return), but it's hard to argue with popularity!

10. Black Mirror - Four Seasons Renewed

Black Mirror - Four Seasons Renewed
Black Mirror was a sensation in the UK before Netflix grabbed it, but they've been careful to keep a fairly "foreign" feel to the proceedings. Fans are loving it. One reason it's probably so popular is that the show explores the dark consequences of advanced technology, which is very relevant in today's world. Add to that consistently great casts, stories, and directors for each installment, and you've got an award-winning show that's a must-see for sci-fi lovers.

11. Bright - Movie

Bright - Movie
Bright is an original Netflix movie starring Will Smith. Humans are living on Earth with orcs, elves, centaurs, dwarves, and a host of other races. Racism still exists now more than ever, when the human (Will Smith) is paired up with the first orcish police officer in the LAPD. It not only tickles your sci-fi bone, it addresses real world racial tensions.

12. What Happened to Monday - Movie

What Happened to Monday - Movie
What Happened to Monday is set in the not-so-far-future when overpopulation has caused a one-child per woman law to be enacted AND strictly enforced. When septuplet sisters are born, they are named the days of the week and only go out on their corresponding day. Things are going smoothly until Monday goes missing, then all hell breaks loose. Definitely worth a look-see.

13. Okja - Movie

Okja - Movie
Original Netflix movie, Okja, is basically a science fiction love story of a little girl and a giant, genetically engineered pig named Okja. If that alone doesn't get you to want to watch this movie then nothing will. It's greed versus the little guy. It's right versus wrong. It's the love of a little girl and her best friend. Make sure you have tissues available!

14. The Discovery - Movie

The Discovery - Movie
What if there was proof of life after death? How would that affect life on earth? Well, Jason Segal and Robert Redford are a father and son at odds over how to do that in The Discovery, a movie that wavers between the scientific and emotional sides that discovery. There is a lot of star power beyond the two mentioned, and if you're willing to stick with it, it should provide for a nice chat afterward.

15. The OA - One Season Series Renewed

The OA - One Season Series Renewed
With one season so far, OA is a sci-fi mystery series with some horror mixed in for good measure. It tells the tale of a woman who was missing for seven years and returns with special powers — maybe. It gets you thinking about the human condition as well as life and death, and there's a hell of a dance craze created in the meantime. If you like a series that stays with you and makes you think, this might be the one for you.

16. Kiss Me First - One Season Series (Unknown)

Kiss Me First - One Season Series (Unknown)
This Channel 4 and Netflix Original mixes both real life and animation in a scenario that digs deep into the future of virtual reality. Polar opposites, Leila and Tess discover each other inside and outside of the game world, learning their alter-egos transcend the game in very surprising ways. No, we're not going to spoil those ways. Watch the short (six-episode) series and expand your mind!

17. Lost in Space - One Season Series Renewed

Lost in Space - One Season Series Renewed
Lost in Space is a sci-fi remake of the popular original 60s show of the same name. We're one season into this Netflix original following the Robinson family, who crash-landed on a habitable planet. They have to work together to survive and escape the dangers lurking all around this alien world. Danger, danger Will Robinson!

18. The Cloverfield Paradox - Movie

The Cloverfield Paradox - Movie
The Cloverfield Paradox is the 3rd movie in the Cloverfield franchise and was based on a script called God Particle. This sci-fi horror centers around a crew onboard a space station, trying to solve the energy crisis on Earth. It seems innocent enough, but their efforts open up a dark alternate dimension. The astronauts have to find their way out of this place, and it's not as easy as you might think. And it's hardly related to the previous installments. At all.

19. The Titan - Movie

The Titan - Movie
Sam Worthington and Taylor Schilling are a married couple, Rick and Abi, in a military family in the not-too-distant future who are willing to give up a part of themselves to save the world as they know it. Their sacrifice? Two years of Rick's life given to life on one of Saturn's rings to ensure the future of mankind can withstand life on its surface. Of course, nothing is that simple.

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