19 Scholars Willing To Risk It All For Education

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If only summer vacation could last forever.

Unfortunately, Labor Day is in the rearview mirror, and we're back in school. Even if your school days ended years ago, when September comes around, you still feel the back to school dread.

All the pumpkin-flavored treats in the world can't make us forget the grief and anguish school causes.

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First, comes the lecturing, then comes the mountains of homework, and it leads to your head exploding during an exam. Why do we endure this?

Well here are some of television's finest scholars ready to remind us that getting an education is worth everything because knowledge can save the world and ourselves.

1. Samwell Tarly - Game of Thrones

Samwell Tarly - Game of Thrones
Samwell Tarly knows his best weapon to bring to the game is his brain. Hoping the realm's only institution of higher education will provide useful knowledge against the Whitewalkers, Sam risks journeying through war-torn Westeros and a confrontation with his abusive father in order to make his way to the Citadel.

2. Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls
Rory Gilmore's acceptance into Chilton seemed like a dream come true. Then came Headmaster Charleston's certainty she would fail, Paris Gellar's enmity, and an attack from a deer. Despite the adversity, Rory won over the headmaster, established a lifelong friendship with Paris, and graduated at the top of her class without any further reprisals from wild animals.

3. The Keating 5 - How to Get Away with Murder

The Keating 5 - How to Get Away with Murder
Law school is cutthroat. How do the Keating 5 stay ahead of the competition? The answer is simple. They listen to the advice of Professor Annalise Keating and get away with murder.

4. Pacey Witter - Dawson's Creek

Pacey Witter  - Dawson's Creek
Pacey Witter never cared much for academics. What he cared about was his friends and knew they deserved better from Capeside High. So if you need someone to take charge of a last-ditch, last-minute study session, beat up the perpetrator who vandalized your school mural, rally people to save your principal, and stand up against homophobic teaches -- Pacey Witter is your guy.

5. Michael Burnham - Star Trek: Discovery

Michael Burnham - Star Trek: Discovery
Growing up on a planet where everyone was stronger, smarter, and more logical than you couldn't have been easy. Michael Burnham endured all of that and remained determined to belong to the Vulcan Expeditionary Group. Although her denial was still an open wound years later, she didn't let it stop her from advancing her scientific career.

6. The Scoobies - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Scoobies  - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
If your school was sitting on top of a Hellmouth, would you be sticking around for math class? The Scoobies did. Despite knowing a demon could kill them at any minute, they stayed in school. This proves a diploma from Sunnydale High really means something.

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