19 Seemingly Cute Couples that Went Downhill

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One of the worst things a television watcher can experience is witnessing a ship they once loved getting destroyed by its show.

Even the most fabulous and satisfying relationships can go from the best part of a series to nothing more than an annoyance.

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Whether it's the characters, overused tropes, or unnecessary drama, it's all too easy for an excellent romance to fall apart.

We've created a slideshow below of 19 seemingly cute couples that are sadly no longer shipping material. 

1. Penny and Kady - The Magicians

Penny and Kady - The Magicians
These two were good together, and we enjoyed their interactions throughout the series. But there was just too much drama that ended up infiltrating their relationship for us to continue shipping them like we wanted to.

2. Betty and Jughead - Riverdale

Betty and Jughead - Riverdale
Bughead was undeniably OTP material when Riverdale first aired. But after the first million makeout and sex scenes, it started getting repetitive. We're over it. Thank u, next.

3. Joey and Dawson - Dawson's Creek

Joey and Dawson - Dawson's Creek
These two were honestly better off as just friends. While they had romantic potential in the beginning, it just fizzled out throughout the series.

4. Hope and Landon - Legacies

Hope and Landon - Legacies
There's no arguing that Hope and Landon have a connection, but to be honest we're already bored. If we're starting to tire of them this early in it's pretty worrisome where they'll be in a season or two.

5. Brianna and Roger - Outlander

Brianna and Roger - Outlander
Brianna and Roger are another couple that appeared adorable at first but is really the complete opposite. Their entire relationship somehow feels wrong and rushed, and it's reached a point where it's unhealthy for both parties.

6. Emma and Ethan - The Lying Game

Emma and Ethan - The Lying Game
It was impossible not to ship them in the beginning. But cheating on someone with their twin sister (with each of them) is just not okay Ethan. Emma and Thayer were the real OTP of the show.

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