19 TV Show References That Help Us Through Life

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References are certainly an important part of making any TV show memorable. Sometimes it's a funny and relatable saying that sticks around, or a tradition from a TV friend group that transcends into your own life, whatever it may be they're a way for the audience to connect with the characters on screen. 

Some shows are iconic and known for their ability to create standout references; a few include Grey's Anatomy, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother. Any show centered around humor is a good candidate to produce such references. 

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You may find yourself using these references as you go through life, whether you're experiencing a funk and trying one of the coping mechanisms offered, or are looking to have slapsgiving with friends. Whatever it is, we've compiled a list of the ones we found the most memorable. 

Comment your thoughts below and let us know if you've used any of the listed references! Also list any we may have missed.

1. Dance It Out

Dance It Out
If you're a true Grey's Anatomy fan, I'm sure you've "danced it out" with friends through many life struggles. There has to be some research that says dancing it out to music is the cure to many things — something about the music and movement stimulating the brain's dopamine supply.

2. Pivot

Maybe you've moved to a new home, dorm, or apartment and have struggled to carry heavy, bulky furniture through the absurdly narrow hallways. But fear not, yelling the word "pivot" made the experience much more satisfying and much more bearable thanks to Friends.

3. Yas Queen

Yas Queen
"Yas Queen!" your proper response to anything exciting in life including the miracle of your friend's childbirth and of course any situation in which you've taught a 7-year-old the phrase itself.

4. Diva Off

Diva Off
When you need to settle an argument fair and square, of course, you're going to use a diva-off as the way to settle the score, what better way to choose the best point guard than by having them compete for the better rendition of a Rent song just as Rachel and Mercedes did in Glee.

5. Closet Pow Wow

Closet Pow Wow
Sometimes the only way to get through the workday is to pow-wow inside a closet with your work besties. You don't always have to have access to a fancy fashion closet like Jane, Sutton, and Kat have in The Bold Type, a janitor's closet will work all the same.

6. Musical Monologue

Musical Monologue
It can be all in your head or to a crowd, but Rebecca Bunch's musical monologues in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend throughout her trials and tribulations certainly helped her figure out answers to many of life's challenges.

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