19 Women on TV That Deserve Our Appreciation

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A day all about celebrating the women in our lives seems like the perfect day to also reflect on some TV characters that mean a lot to us.

In fact, fans rose above and beyond to show their favorite characters some well-deserved love this week on Twitter, showering TV ladies from past and present shows with so much appreciation.

But there are quite a few women that are on our screens right now that might deserve a bit more appreciation from the audience.

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Maybe they are going through some rough stuff or maybe those people that are around them aren't giving them the attention they deserve.

Regardless, this is a slideshow dedicated to just a few examples of women that we need to appreciate more this holiday season.

They are doing their absolute best and deserve to be honored for that, today of all days. 


1. Mia Smoak (Arrow)

Mia Smoak (Arrow)
Mia has plenty going on right now, at least the future version of her that we got a glimpse of so far. It is safe to say that a little appreciation might go a long way for her.

2. Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine Nine)
Amy Santiago has all our hearts after the way she opened up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine about her own Me Too moment while trying to help another woman get justice when she herself couldn't. This episode left a lasting impression on the audience, and it reminded us that Amy is a hero that we all aren't worthy of but that we love no matter what.

3. Madi Griffin (The 100)

Madi Griffin (The 100)
Madi has had quite an experience on Earth, all of which ended with crazy amounts of responsibility landing in her lap. She handled it like a pro, which absolutely no one was surprised by considering how strong she is, but the break is the least she could get after this. There probably won't be much time for Madi to enjoy the new planet during The 100 Season 6, there will obviously be plenty to worry about, so, for now, she at least deserves to be buried in love and appreciation.

4. Roz Walker (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Roz Walker (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
Roz is trying to deal with this new world that has been exposed to her, along with the new powers she has to get a grip on as she starts to lose her sight. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming back soon and it needs to bring plenty of love for Roz throughout the season.

5. Anissa Pierce (Black Lightning)

Anissa Pierce (Black Lightning)
There is never enough appreciation to shower Anissa with, the limit just doesn't exist.

6. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)

Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
Honestly, the appreciation that Sansa should be getting is greatly overdue. The audience has had many opinions on the character and yet the only one allowed today is one of celebration.

7. Liv Moore (iZombie)

Liv Moore (iZombie)
Liv has gone through so much throughout iZombie, and she has lost many people in the process. iZombie honors their leading lady well, but that doesn't always help right away with the loss she must always be going through. That is why today is the perfect time to remember how much we appreciate the fact that Liv exists in this universe.

8. Luisa Espina (Mayans M.C)

Luisa Espina (Mayans M.C)
Luisa is such a smart human who is just trying to do right by her community. How can you not think she deserves some extra love today?

9. Amy Bellafonte (The Passage)

Amy Bellafonte (The Passage)
The Passage wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for Amy, and for that alone she needs to get extra love and support this holiday season.

10. Allison Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)

Allison Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)
There is no list if Allison isn't on it, especially after The Umbrella Academy premiered its first season and cemented all our love for her.

11. Ruby Hill (Good Girls)

Ruby Hill (Good Girls)
It was extremely difficult picking just one leading lady from Good Girls, but Ruby could never get enough love in our opinion. She is dealing with so much that a little more appreciation her way seems like the perfect gift today.

12. Mariana Adams Foster (Good Trouble)

Mariana Adams Foster (Good Trouble)
Mariana is a shining light on Good Trouble and it feels like she should be shown some more love right now. It doesn't always come off as if her storyline is the main one, so to even that out she has clearly earned a spot on this supportive slideshow.

13. Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)

Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)
Eleanor is always going through more than enough to make her deserving of some love, but after having to wipe Chidi's memory she may need it now more than ever.

14. Ella Lopez (Lucifer)

Ella Lopez (Lucifer)
This lovable and soft human always manages to bring a smile to everyone's face. Which is why on a day like this it is all about giving back and showing Ella just how happy she makes the audience all the time.

15. Liz Ortecho (Roswell, New Mexico)

Liz Ortecho (Roswell, New Mexico)
Ever since Liz returned to Roswell she has had plenty of stuff on her plate to deal with. Trying to figure out what happened to Rosa, and now trying to make sense of the truth is a lot for one person to go through. Offering her some appreciation right about now is the least fans can do while she figures out where to go from here.

16. Michonne (The Walking Dead)

Michonne (The Walking Dead)
With the news that Danai Gurira is leaving The Walking Dead, it feels only right to shower Michonne with appreciation while there is still time for that.

17. Jacqueline Carlyle (The Bold Type)

Jacqueline Carlyle (The Bold Type)
Jacqueline is going through a lot right now, especially with the way that The Bold Type Season 2 ended with her job at stake. It doesn't look like she will actually be gone but there is a guy being hired that looks like he will offer all kinds of stress to the magazine. Jacqueline deserves all our love right now because who knows how difficult things might be for her when The Bold Type returns.

18. Cara Bloom (God Friended Me)

Cara Bloom (God Friended Me)
God Friended Me actually has a few characters that deserve some more love almost all the time, but Cara screams appreciation no matter what.

19. Alicia Clark (Fear the Walking Dead)

Alicia Clark (Fear the Walking Dead)
Alicia deserves appreciation, if only because sometimes it feels like Fear the Walking Dead doesn't give her enough of it.

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