21 Jaw-Dropping Moments from Gotham Season 3

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Gotham never ceases to amaze.

Gotham Season 3 was full of surprises from Bruce killing Alfred to him finally wearing the cape. There were shocking deaths this season and a couple of astonishing revivals. 

Check out our list of jaw-dropping moments below. Do you agree with our picks? Hit the comments and share your picks!

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1. Goodbye Alfred

Goodbye Alfred
The two-part Season 3 finale was everything a Gotham fan could imagine, but we certainly didn't expect Bruce to kill Alfred. It was one of the most jaw-dropping events of the entire series. Even though Alfred encouraged him to do it in hopes of breaking Bruce's brainwashing, it was a complete surprise. Luckily for Bruce – and us – it happened near the Lazarus Pit, so Bruce was able to bring Alfred back life. What this means for the future is anyone's guess, but we're glad Alfred is back in the land of the living.

2. The Riddler Emerges

The Riddler Emerges
After almost two seasons of teases, Nygma became The Riddler, embracing his persona after shooting Penguin and leaving him to die. But it wasn't until he held Lucius hostage that he finally came up with his villainous name. For a short time, he was able to wreak his own brand of precise havoc on Gotham, but not he's frozen in ice thanks to a revived Penguin and Mr. Freeze.

3. Batman Lite

Batman Lite
At the end of Season 3, Bruce took the biggest step yet to becoming the Dark Knight when he saved a family being mugged in an alley. Who didn't get chills as he retreated to the top of the building in full prototype Batman regalia?

4. Bad Girl Lee

Bad Girl Lee
Lee decided to give up her goody-goody image when she infected herself with the Alice Tetch virus. It was fun watching Morena Baccarin transform into the sassy bad girl intent on spending the rest of her life with Jim. Infecting herself was the only way she saw the relationship working, but in the end, Jim did the right thing and gave her the antidote. Lee left town, but her effect on Jim will last forever.

5. The Love Triangle

The Love Triangle
We were convinced Penguin and Nygma were going to be a couple worth championing, but then Isabella entered the picture and dashed our hopes for a Nygma/Penguin romance. Penguin wasn't going to let anyone get in his way and killed Isabella. Unfortunately, Nygma found out, and he didn't handle it well, setting out to destroy Penguin. He almost succeeded.

6. Ivy Grows Up

Ivy Grows Up
Ivy got herself into a bit of trouble when she was nosing around where she wasn't supposed to be. Fish set Marv after her, but Ivy got away. Unfortunately Marv briefly touched her before she jumped into the water pipes. It was enough to make Ivy grow into a young adult. She still has her childish mind, but she gained many other skills including a special talent with plants. Now she and Penguin have partnered up, and we can only imagine what fun is on the horizon.

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