23 Of TV's Most Scientifically Inaccurate Tropes

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Depending on your level of tolerance for false science on TV, you'd find yourself either laughing it off or reaching for a blunt kitchen utensil so you can gouge out your eyes.

Sometimes it's a subtle error that's undetectable to anyone outside a profession that deals with cases like it, and sometimes it's so blatant you can't help but take notice.

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Why shows choose to let these things happen is a mystery. Now, these errors happen across a lot of shows, but specific genres are more guilty of certain errors than others.

Here are 19 oft-used schticks that don't translate accurately to the real world. Buckle up and get ready for a lot of nitpicking!

1. Hacking (Arrow)

Hacking (Arrow)
Save for Mr. Robot, there isn't any show out there that cares about getting hacking right. It's usually the tech whiz typing on the keyboard really fast as a bunch of windows pop up on the screen, and BOOM we're in the FBI database. I'm no hacker, but even I am pretty sure that's not how it goes.

2. Fuel Degradation (The Walking Dead)

Fuel Degradation (The Walking Dead)
The worst offenders are always post-apocalyptic shows where the characters have to constantly scavenge for supplies. They search for abandoned cars, siphon the gas and they're on their way. The best-stored fuel breaks down at some point, usually in less than a year of non-usage.

3. Duct Tape (Blue Bloods)

Duct Tape (Blue Bloods)
For some reason, duct tape is made out to be some kind of super adhesive, but your lips are just two among many surfaces difficult for it to stick. Using duct tape as a gag is ineffective in real life, and if you ever find yourself in a situation like that, simply move your lips and jaw around a few times and voila! you have an opening to scream your head off.

4. Binoculars (Shooter)

Binoculars (Shooter)
Anyone who has used binoculars before knows that the image forms a single oval view, but for some reason, we are always shown something that looks like a Venn diagram when a character looks through one.

5. Medieval Warfare (Knightfall)

Medieval Warfare (Knightfall)
This trope is more historically inaccurate than anything. Medieval armies don't raise their swords and scream like a bunch of lunatics before charging in on the other advancing army. They hold formation and move in sync. And sieges could take anything from a couple of weeks to a few years. No one storms the city gate and takes the castle within a day.

6. Silencers (The Blacklist)

Silencers (The Blacklist)
Silencers are pretty much useless. Unlike what they'll have us believe, firearms with silencers make almost as much noise as those without one. Also, even if a silencer did damp down the sound to the level they say, the people getting shot should make a sound when they drop, but they don't.

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