19 Left-Handed Characters We Adore

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In times past, left-handedness in a person was seen as a marker for evil, and a general predisposition towards criminal activities. It was even said that witches cast spells and placed curses with their left hand.

Thankfully, those beliefs have, for the most part, been left where they belong -- in the past. It's a miracle how people's misconceptions about left-handedness changed over time without some significant enlightenment period; surely there had to have been an underground PR push, right?

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Whichever way, those in charge of running the awareness campaign back in the day did an amazing job because we've managed to get people to become complacent and give us the breathing space we need to plot all manners of unspeakable evil.

So, let us get down to discussing how to topple regimes and establish the new world order because clearly, the Illuminati aren't taking this world domination thing seriously. We have put together a list of 19 left-handed characters we love whose special charm and skills will be invaluable for when we take over!

1. Clarke Griffin (The 100)

Clarke Griffin (The 100)
Heda my Wanheda! The world of The 100 is treacherous and unforgiving, so it says a lot about one's character when you not only adapt but level up so hard you become known as the commander of death. In the event of a nuclear apocalypse, which isn't that far-fetched these days, there is no one you'd rather have in a bunker with you. Plus, her aim with that great left arm is impeccable. Way to stick it to those researchers who say left-handed people excel more in creative fields.

2. Jerry (Tom And Jerry)

Jerry (Tom And Jerry)
Most times, Jerry utilizes his right hand when he wants to do something violent like drop an anvil on Tom, or smash his face in with a frying pan, but in circumstances where fine motor skills are required, the left hand is his go-to to get the job done. And let's be honest, everyone roots for Jerry. Handedness in mice, just like in humans, swings overwhelmingly to the right, which makes Jerry's case even rarer.

3. Walter Bishop (Fringe)

Walter Bishop (Fringe)
Walter wasn't a pleasant person to deal with in his early days as a scientist, but we can all agree he more than makes up for it by working with Olivia and The Bureau to rectify his past misdeeds. For some reason, mental health issues are disproportionately higher in left-handed people, but that didn't stop Walter. He merely worked around and through them.

4. Shawn Stark (Power)

Shawn Stark (Power)
Kind, polite, selfless. Those are the three words that immediately come to mind when you think of the dearly departed Shawn. He provided comfort to Tasha when she was "lonely," and Keisha too. Such unparalleled selflessness. It's not his fault he had a dad who didn't care enough about him to not shoot him in the head.

5. Ann Perkins (Parks And Recreation)

Ann Perkins (Parks And Recreation)
Leslie and Ann are relationship goals, but we still can't get over how little Ann was appreciated as a character throughout the show's lifespan. She also got shafted a lot by the writers because no one in real life would want to live with Andy for any period of time without harboring homicidal thoughts. Where was that famous "anger of the lefties," Ann? It certainly would've got you out of that situation sooner.

6. Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

Liz Lemon (30 Rock)
Anyone who has problems handling social situations with grace can instantly connect to Liz on so many levels. We have all done something in public that has made us consider the option of faking our deaths and moving to a new continent to spare ourselves the shame. This is why we admire Liz because she totally owned her awkwardness and didn't flee the country. Her left-handedness is only the icing on the cake.

7. Jamie Lannister (Game Of Thrones)

Jamie Lannister (Game Of Thrones)
Okay, we're not trying to be mean-spirited here. We know Jamie literally has no other option but to be a leftie after his right hand was severed in such gruesome fashion, but the great epiphany that led him down the path of redemption occurred right around the same time he lost his right hand. Coincidence? Most definitely. Do we care? Absolutely not. He's one of us now.

8. Abraham Ford (The Walking Dead)

Abraham Ford (The Walking Dead)
Abraham has the biggest heart ever, and we shall continue to complain about that season premiere and the business with a barbed baseball bat until the day we draw our last breath. Abraham linked up with Rick's group at a time when they were in dire need of additional muscle, and that was exactly what he provided, and then some.

9. Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)
This guy is the reverse of Jamie Lannister as he was a left-hander who lost his arm in a fight with Naruto (he took Naruto's arm as well), but that hasn't slowed him down. Some will say he is right-handed now that he no longer has his left, but we don't care because we claimed him first. Sasuke was always a proficient user of his right hand long before he lost his left, so he gets full marks for adaptability.

10. Fred Andrews (Riverdale)

Fred Andrews (Riverdale)
Compared to the other Riverdale parents, or any one of us really, Fred is an angel walking among mortals. Loyal to a fault and giving his all to see his family safe even if Archie is doing his best to ruin all that good work his father has put in. As for why he wasn't elected mayor, we all know Hermoine rigged the elections. We, on the other hand, have him as our choice for world president.

11. Kanan Stark (Power)

Kanan Stark (Power)
This man has caused no small amount of problems for Ghost, so we have an obligation to hate him, even if a little. But objectively speaking, Ghost has had it coming for a while. If anything, Kanan should be commended for showing the restraint he did. Going on a murder spree is hard when you have to use rifles that eject hot bullet casings straight onto your arm making everything inconvenient for you. That's probably why he stuck to handguns.

12. Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
Amy is TV's ultimate sweetheart. She loves binders, does dorky dances and is turned on by pop quizzes. Also, Amy, while dressed in a wedding gown, chased down a criminal and tackled him to the ground in the single moment that officially confirmed her as the badass that we already knew she was. You see, folks, we're not only about abducting cats and drinking goat's blood in a dark room. We also contribute positively to society

13. Ned Flanders (The Simpsons)

Ned Flanders (The Simpsons)
The purest, most kind-hearted character on The Simpsons by a long shot. Everyone loves Ned, except if you're Homer, and that is mostly out of jealousy than anything else. But above all, Ned understands the struggle of the everyday left-hander and has made it his mission to make things easier for all lefties in Riverfield. He did it by opening The Leftorium, a store that sells items made specifically for left-handers, because few people understand the injustice in having to buy the same item for five times the actual price, and that's assuming you can even find them at regular stores.

14. Helena (Orphan Black)

Helena (Orphan Black)
If there were a poll, which I'm sure there is, Helena would emerge the favorite clone by a wide margin. It's not like we don't love the others, far from it, but there is just something about her. For one, she is fiercely loyal to her "Sestras." Also, keeping her child-like sense of wonder in spite of the brutality she has faced since childhood makes her one of the most resilient people we know. She is the right-handed Sarah's mirror and was therefore left-handed. This kind of attention to detail is uncommon.

15. Arya Stark (Game Of Thrones)

Arya Stark (Game Of Thrones)
Arya has been through a lot. She has also gone through quite a transformation too -- from a troublesome tomboy who let her wolf chew on the Prince to a face-swapping assassin who fed Walder Frey a delicious pie garnished with body parts of his children. Even more noteworthy is the fact that the actress is right-handed in real life and has had to act the part so convincingly. Sure, it's her job, but we always appreciate seeing someone representing.

16. Earl Johnson (Black-ish)

Earl Johnson (Black-ish)
Pops is responsible for some of the most profound moments on this show, and we couldn't be happier about it. It proves we're not all about abducting cats and drinking goat's blood in a dark room, we're also down for the positive stuff too. Left-handedness has contributed a disproportionately high number of great thinkers and inventors over the ages, so maybe Pops will one day be remembered as one of them.

17. Tommy Egan (Power)

Tommy Egan (Power)
Tommy has a reputation as a bit of a wildcard and a hothead, but the positive side of that means he doesn't hesitate to do what needs to be done. Also, he shot Angela, and anyone who does such an excellent service to humanity is a legend in our books even if she's not quite dead yet.

18. Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
TV's greatest ever songwriter who also plays the guitar right-handed. You normies probably won't be able to understand how difficult that is, but every left-handed person knows how hard it is to use something as simple as a pair of scissors, so seeing someone play the guitar is the closest thing to magic there is.

19. SpongeBob (SpongeBob SquarePants)

SpongeBob (SpongeBob SquarePants)
He may be a tad too naive at times, but SpongeBob is always down to have a good time. He also works as a fry chef which, if food is a big part of your life, you'd appreciate him for. Technically, SpongeBob is ambidextrous, but he said he has two left hands, so it doesn't matter which one he uses because they're both left!

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