23 TV Divas We Secretly Admire

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There's nothing like a diva to add life your favorite TV show. 

No matter how evil they might be, there's always a purpose behind what they do. Some just want to be the center of attention, some just love the drama, and some just want what they want when they want it. Who doesn't want that?

Love them, hate them, or love to hate them, here are 23 divas we secretly admire.


1. Endora - Bewitched

No one could make an entrance like Samantha’s flamboyant mom. Her colorful clothes and outrageous makeup were the best, but she was not a nice person, at least when it came to Darrin. She was his worst nightmare, and sometimes Samantha’s too. Still, her makeup and outfits were divine. If only we looked so good with bright, blue eyeshadow!

2. Cookie Lyon - Empire

This tough-talking matriarch of the Lyon family knows what she wants, and will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means manipulating her own kids. If you get in her way, watch out! No one can top her sassy mouth and spirit. And her style? Let’s just say it’s diva-tastic!

3. Cat Grant - Supergirl

Cat’s all that and more! She’s self-centered, arrogant, domineering, and mean. She’s got all the snark one could ever desire, and she’s got the looks to prove it!. Nothing and no one will stand in her way to get what she wants and deserves. It’s all about Cat, and that’s the way it should be!

4. Alexis Carrington - Dynasty

Her clothes were impeccable (she rocked those shoulder pads), her tastes divine, and she brought a whole new meaning to the words vindictive and manipulative. Dahling, no one can come close to this grande dame of divas.

5. Gabrielle Solis - Desperate Housewives

A former top model turned trophy wife, Gabrielle showed us that living in the suburbs doesn't have to keep the fabulous down. She reeked with attitude and wasn’t afraid to let it all out when necessary. When she wanted something, she got it, including her fabulously hunky gardener.

6. Angela Channing - Falcon Crest

It’s best not to mess with this matriarch and head of the Falcon Crest wineries. She was a ruthless businesswoman who made things happen and wouldn't let anyone or anything stand in the way of success.

7. Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens

The most popular girl at school and leader of her own clique, she’s not afraid to say whatever’s on her mind. She hurls the insults so fast, it makes your head spin. But, it's her fabulous style that we admire most.

8. Morticia Addams - The Addams Family

Elegant and beautiful, Morticia didn't need to say much to get what she wanted. She didn't need the flamboyant entrances or the high drama. For her, it was all about that special, understated look she had.

9. Miss Piggy - The Muppets

Who cares if she’s a puppet. A diva is a diva. Stylish, self-centered, and the creator of drama, Miss Piggy has the diva act down pat.

10. Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Deep down, we all want to be Blair. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, but most importantly she’s got the sass. “There’s only one queen bitch in this town and that’s me.” You got that right.

11. Julie Cooper - The O.C.

She was manipulative and mean, and would marry men for money just to satisfy her material desires! And, like any good diva, she was an official member of the Snark Club and could toss out one-liners like there was no tomorrow.

12. Jenna Maroney - 30 Rock

“Listen up fives, a ten is speaking.” Anyone who can refer to themselves that way is one hell of a diva. Besides her need for drama and misplaced sense of importance, Jenna was absolutely crazy and a lot of fun!

13. Erica Kane - All My Children

Her drama, her ruthlessness, and her all-out selfishness made her legendary. Divinely devious with impeccable style, Erica Kane is one diva we love to hate, but love her we did.

14. Wilhelmina Slater - Ugly Betty

Nothing gets in this diva’s way. Nothing. Whatever she wants she gets, and if she can’t have it she’ll get it anyway. By any means. If only we could master her expressions, then we might get everything we want too!

15. Juliette Barnes - Nashville

Talented and beautiful, Juliette is used to getting her way. What she wants, she gets, and there’s no stopping her. Besides, does anyone really want to be on the wrong end of her bitch face?

16. Amanda Woodward - Melrose Place

It didn’t matter to Amanda what she had to do to get to the top. Lying, cheating, manipulating, and sleeping around meant nothing to her. She had no shame and neither did we watching her devious ways!

17. Lucille Bluth - Arrested Development

Lucille loved her martinis and was never afraid to say exactly what was on her mind. Her one-liners were classic, but what we loved most was that exquisite cackle.

18. Claire Underwood - House of Cards

This powerhouse diva wants to conquer everything at any price. She is the all time ice queen with the most impeccable style.

19. Santana Lopez - Glee

Santana had an attitude we absolutely loved. She was fierce and feisty and wasn’t afraid to let her feelings be known. She was the cheerleader of all cheerleaders and had the hair flip down to a science.

20. Karen Walker - Will and Grace

Even though she could be the most demeaning person on earth, she had a great sense of humor. She made us laugh more times than we can count with her famous one-liners and snarky comebacks.

21. Constance Langdon - American Horror Story

Constance put on a great front with her grace and style, but on the inside she was rotten to the core. What we admired most was how she was able to fake it all without batting an eyelash.

22. Sherry Palmer - 24

Sherry would do anything to protect her family and she did, but she took it too far when she betrayed her husband. She did it all with a steely reserve that can only be admired.

23. Abby Ewing - Knots Landing

No matter how conniving she was or how much trouble she caused, Abby Ewing could always be counted on to have the most fabulous eye makeup all the time, every time.

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