25 Fictional Kardashian Crushers: We'd Watch These Reality Shows Right Now!

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Reality shows rely on a perfect combination of eccentricity, uniqueness, and melodrama. They may capture reality, but there's something about them that intrigues the audience and creates a hyperreality specific to TV only.

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Characters with quirky personalities, wacky habits, or interesting skills always make for the best TV show premises. Despite many real-life characters that fit the bill, many fictional characters on scripted shows fulfill this niche.

Now, read about 25 characters who we think could have their own reality shows!

1. Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)

Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)
Although Eleanor Shellstrop has died and gone to the Good Place (spoiler: revealed to be the Bad Place!), her life before death could have easily been a reality show. She's a selfish slob who lives with multiple roommates, has a massive attitude, and has a terrible job scamming people out of their money. It's something straight out of Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- and it could be done Eleanor-style. Nevertheless, despite all of her flaws, she's charming and still has a heart of gold deep down inside.

2. Jian Yang (Silicon Valley)

Jian Yang (Silicon Valley)
Jian Yang is the Chinese app developer who frequently interacts with the gang on Silicon Valley. He doesn't seem to understand that much English, but in reality, he's mostly screwing with everyone, especially the obnoxious Erlich Bachmann. His background is mostly unknown, which makes his behavior all the more humorous, and his app inventions have become wilder and wilder. Jian Yang could have his own reality show about all the eccentric app ideas he has as he lives his elaborate life spending money and living it up in Silicon Valley.

3. Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation)

Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation)
Tom Haverford is the slick and charming player of the Parks and Recreation squad, and he loves to live in style. Although he doesn't do much actual work around the office, he has his friends' intentions at heart even if he's known to crack too many jokes and put his own well-being first. With his many catchphrases, Tom could easily have a reality show about his extravagant life in suburban America.

4. Rachel Green (Friends)

Rachel Green (Friends)
Rachel's life has always been a mess, and while she got a better grasp of it when she reunited with the Friends group, it also got more complicated when Ross came back into her life. After she left her fiancé at the altar, she ran to find Monica, and they became roommates as she became friends with the rest of the gang. Despite the increased stability, she had a rocky road with Ross and arguably had an even rockier time before she met Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross. If Rachel had a reality show, she could very well make it about her own life before she met the Friends or during her will-they-won't-they phase with Ross.

5. Schneider (One Day at a Time)

Schneider (One Day at a Time)
Schneider is the superintendent of the apartment from One Day at a Time where the Alvarez family lives, but he's also a rich and spoiled recovering addict. He doesn't let much of this on, but one look at his apartment reveals his wealth and he's still quite oblivious to many things around him. Still, he's trying to improve and always helps the Alvarez family when they need it. Schneider's life before he got sober could make a great reality show about trying to balance his wealth and status with an attempt at a normal life.

6. Chloe (Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23)

Chloe (Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23)
As the titular "b----" of Apartment 23, Chloe's entire existence is basically a reality show. She drinks, scams people out of money, has lots of sex, parties, is best friends with James van der Beek, and has a great time doing all of it. When her newest roommate, June, moves into the apartment, she tries to extort June out of money, but June is too smart -- and they strike up a complicated friendship. Nevertheless, Chloe is both a hero and a villain at the same time, making her the perfect subject for a reality show. One look at Chloe's life outside of the apartment, with her crazy antics and all, shows how great a reality show about her would be.

7. Eddie Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)

Eddie Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)
As the hip-hop loving Chinese American teen from Fresh Off the Boat, his 90s living makes him another perfect subject for a reality show. After moving to Florida with his family, his life is shaken up and he must make new friends and learn to coexist with his strict Asian parents while trying to live it up as an American teen, jamming to music and trying to get girls on the weekends. His bubbly and extroverted personality makes him a great subject for a reality show, and all of his friends and family members would make great side characters as well.

8. Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)

Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)
Tracy Jordan's life is one crazy experience after another, as he's a huge celebrity but also relies on everyone else to get him through life. While he's ultimately wholesome at heart, he spends ridiculous amounts of money and makes inane requests that his friends try to fulfill, even though they're usually impossible. He's also got an EGOT and has accomplished other nearly impossible feats, making him a fascinating case study for a reality show. His party life also gives him an edge along with all of his other celebrity antics.

9. Abby and Ilana (Broad City)

Abby and Ilana (Broad City)
Abby and Ilana are best friends who spend most of their days smoking weed and having sex, attempting to live their young adult lives while escaping their dead-end jobs and making it in New York City. While Broad City is already a candid look at their lives, a full-on reality show about the beginning of their friendship would make for a great series, given their intense history as close friends and how much they rely on each other. They're also very relatable as people, making a reality series a good and entertaining way to look at their lives.

10. Heather Davis (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Heather Davis (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
Heather Davis is the ex-student of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend friend group, otherwise consisting of lawyer Rebecca and yoga instructor-turned-wedding planner Valencia. Heather's demeanor is sarcastic, deadpan, and very edgy -- but she's also a great friend and emotional human at heart. Her backstory is somewhat unknown, and her introduction to the friend group as Rebecca's unusual neighbor makes for a great story. A reality show about Heather's student life would be a huge hit, and exploring her dynamics with the rest of the characters would also be extremely entertaining as well.

11. Flaca and Maritza (Orange is the New Black)

Flaca and Maritza (Orange is the New Black)
As two incarcerated best friends on Orange is the New Black, Flaca and Maritza are an inseparable pair. A reality show about their beauty tips is a no-brainer for a reality show -- they already talk about wanting a YouTube channel and a beauty show all the time on the series. They're witty, smart, and great partners-in-crime, making for a great buddy reality show.

12. Alexis Rose (Schitt's Creek)

Alexis Rose (Schitt's Creek)
Alexis is the somewhat dimwitted daughter of the Rose family, a wealthy family forced to move to the small town of Schitt's Creek after they go bankrupt. She's still stuck in her own world in terms of not being able to live her extravagant life but always makes the best of a bad situation. She's rather oblivious to many simple concepts and was frequently pampered, therefore she doesn't have many basic skills such as riding a bike or interacting with people other than those with the same socioeconomic status as her. Nevertheless, she still tries hard to assimilate, and a reality show about her wealthy living before living to Schitt's Creek would make for an insightful look into the real Alexis Rose.

13. Jacqueline Vorhees (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)

Jacqueline Vorhees (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
As the wealthy matriarch on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Kimmy's boss, Jacqueline is the epitome of arrogant New York wealth. With a fancy apartment and absolutely no sense of what normal people do on a regular basis, she seems to be pompous through and through. However, after it's revealed that she's actually of Native American descent (birth name Jackie-Lynn White), her story becomes much more complicated. A reality show about Jacqueline trying to survive New York after leaving her hometown or a reality show about her wealthy life before Kimmy Schmidt could both make for great premises.

14. Fiona Wallice (Web Therapy)

Fiona Wallice (Web Therapy)
Fiona Wallice is an arrogant therapist (although it's not even certain whether she has a real medical license!) who pioneers a "revolutionary" form of therapy called web therapy, consisting of short online sessions over the Internet. However, it's Fiona's backstory that makes for an amazing reality show, given her complicated relationship with her ex-husband (revealed to be gay) as well as the other men she's interacted with. She's hiding a lot of trauma, which makes Web Therapy a good show but also makes a reality show an even better idea.

15. Alison Hendrix (Orphan Black)

Alison Hendrix (Orphan Black)
As the suburban soccer mom of the clones on Orphan Black, Alison's life is quickly turned upside down when she meets Sarah and must team up to find out the truth behind the clones. Alison goes from casually social-backstabbing mother to potential killer and drug-dealer. A reality show that chronicles this change as well as her new life as a Bonnie and Clyde-esque duo with her husband Donnie would make for an amazing series.

16. Gary Walsh (Veep)

Gary Walsh (Veep)
Gary is the emasculated personal aide to Selina Meyer, former VP and President of the United States. It's staffing for Selina Meyer that ultimately seems to shape Gary's existence -- she frightens him, but he's also desperately in love with her. Gary is very capable but also extremely scared and on edge all the time. We never really get a look at Gary outside of his work life, so a reality show about who Gary really is would be an insightful and fascinating look at one of the most intriguing characters on Veep.

17. Lindsay Bluth (Arrested Development)

Lindsay Bluth (Arrested Development)
Lindsay is the spoiled daughter of the Bluth family and wife of the eccentric Tobias. She learns that she was actually adopted and raised as Michael Bluth's twin sister, which completely changes her view of her family. She's arrogant and self-centered, which ultimately does make her life a great premise for a reality show, but her interaction with so many other characters and their bizarre experiences also makes for a great premise -- from Tobias' attempt at joining the Blue Man Group to the Bluth family's sketchy real estate dealings.

18. Winn Schott (Supergirl)

Winn Schott (Supergirl)
Winn is the resident geek and tech genius of the Supergirl team. After working at media conglomerate CatCo for a while as undervalued tech help, he joins the Department of Extranormal Operations where Supergirl works and helps out, attempting to track aliens and defeat extranormal threats on Earth in National City. There, he really shines as he's able to explore and invent all these new contraptions for the team. A reality show about his inventions and tech life in the lab at the DEO would make for an amazing supplement to his already interesting life as a DEO agent.

19. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)
Sheldon is a brilliant scientist at Caltech, but he's also socially awkward and often very confused. As part of a friend group made up of other Caltech scientists and their girlfriends, Sheldon is simultaneously beloved and hated by everyone for his sweet nature as well as his obnoxious one. Virtually any part of Sheldon's life could be made into a reality show -- from his beginning with his roommate, Leonard, to his life as a theoretical physicist at Caltech.

20. Juliette Barnes (Nashville)

Juliette Barnes (Nashville)
Juliette Barnes is a famous young country singer who worked her way up from the bottom to become a wealthy star. However, she's often embroiled in trauma and scandal, starting from her drug addict mother to her own drinking problems and anger management issues that spiral out of control. She seems like she has it all together on the outside, but she's usually struggling with something. A reality show about Juliette's rise to the top would be absolutely fascinating, chronicling her experience as she makes it alongside the greats.

21. Madison (UnREAL)

Madison (UnREAL)
Madison is the young producer turned network executive on UnREAL, beginning as a naive young adult and turning into a fashionable woman who will do anything to get what she wants. In the early seasons of UnREAL, she wears pigtails and dressed modestly, but after having sex with the head of the network, she begins to flaunt her body and use it to get ahead in Hollywood. Although she's the result of a twisted system, Madison's backstory would be a fascinating exploration for a reality show, given her humble beginnings that turn into some not-so-savory antics.

22. Ivy Lynn (Smash)

Ivy Lynn (Smash)
Ivy Lynn is the talented rising musical theater actress who is a rival of Karen Cartwright, another talented Broadway hopeful. However, Ivy is always more cunning than Karen, willing to do whatever it takes to win roles, versus Karen, who's more naive about the industry. Ivy is extraordinarily capable but also has a healthy dose of her own issues to deal with, making her a great subject for a reality show. Exploring Ivy's beginning in New York would make for a great reality TV series or even exploring her rivalry with Karen like on Smash would work as well.

23. Dean Sanderson (The Grinder)

Dean Sanderson (The Grinder)
Dean Sanderson is a beloved actor who comes back to his family's law firm and wants to become an actual lawyer after playing a lawyer on TV. He butts heads with his brother, a real lawyer, who is determined to push him out because of Dean's status and the fact that he doesn't actually have a law degree. Dean's life as an actor would make for a great reality show premise given his extravagant life as an actor and celebrity as well as being one of the most famous people around due to his fame on the show.

24. Sheila Hammond (Santa Clarita Diet)

Sheila Hammond (Santa Clarita Diet)
After becoming undead, Sheila must work with her family to find ways to get human flesh for her to eat, because that's the only thing she can eat. Her life as a suburban mom and real estate agent is understandably flipped on its head when this happens, and her life gets increasingly more complicated as she spirals out of control. A reality show that takes a deeper dive into Sheila's story and follows the Hammonds even more closely as they find food for Sheila could make for a gruesome and eerily fascinating series.

25. Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)

Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)
Hiro Nakamura is a man from Japan who discovers he has the ability to control time and space -- that is, stop and move in time as well as teleport. He's somewhat of a cheerful nerd who only wants to do good with his abilities, but this is quickly turned on its head when he discovers that the world needs saving. Hiro's life immediately after he discovers he has abilities would make for a wonderful reality show, as viewers could also revel in Hiro's unadulterated joy as he teleports around and has fun.

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