33 of TV's Goriest Moments

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There's horror, and then there's horror.

Violence has become a mainstay on many television shows, but sometimes we have to wonder if it has gone too far. There are some scenes that are so brutal and gory, we wonder how they even made it onto the small screen.

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Many shows revel in their grisly stories. Others are a bit of a surprise when a gruesome scene makes the cut. From mystery and medical shows to ones about zombies and vampires, there's no shortage of scenes to make you squirm.

Here are 33 of the goriest scenes aired on television. What did we miss? Hit the comments and let us know!

1. The Cow - Under the Dome

The Cow - Under the Dome
The dome came down, and the cow went bye-bye. This happened in the very first episode of the television adaptation of Stephen King's novel. Fresh steak, anyone?

2. Hannah's Suicide - 13 Reasons Why

Hannah's Suicide - 13 Reasons Why
There's been a lot of debate about the gruesomeness of Hannah's suicide. If the show wanted to make a point, it did, whether you agree or disagree with how the scene was done.

3. Mason Eat His Nose - Hannibal

Mason Eat His Nose - Hannibal
Hannibal was a weekly gorefest of epic proportions. One of our favorite scenes was when Hannibal convinced Mason to eat his nose after giving him some loopy drugs. Mason did lots of other stuff to himself thanks to Hannibal, but this was the grossest.

4. The Sacrifice - Vikings

The Sacrifice - Vikings
There's nothing like sacrificing yourself to your gods. While Leif wasn't the first choice, he gave himself to the ritual which left him dead, hanging upside down with the dead livestock.

5. Gemma Kills Tara - Sons of Anarchy

Gemma Kills Tara - Sons of Anarchy
It was bad enough that Gemma went after Tara in a drug-fueled rage and forced her head under water. But when she plunged a cooking fork into Tara's head, well, it was pretty gruesome.

6. Pain as Pleasure - Black Mirror (Black Museum)

Pain as Pleasure - Black Mirror (Black Museum)
Having the ultimate orgasm is everyone's dream, but when you have to mutilate yourself to get to that point, it's a little much. And it didn't even work the way he thought it would, anyway.

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