8 Captivating Cast Members of ABC's The Rookie

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Much like his character, John Nolan, Nathan Fillion is starting over in the role on ABC’s The Rookie.

But Fillion certainly isn't the only familiar face in this fictional version of the LAPD.

The Rookie showcases a talented, top-notch cast with many faces you might find familiar.

Can’t quite place them?

Not to worry as we’re here to jog your memory with all of the popular TV shows on which you’ve probably seen these accomplished artists before they began on what will be your new favorite show!

1. Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion
How do you know this man? Do you think you might have seen him on your TV screen? Then you're probably right.

2. Nathan Fillion as Officer John Nolan

Nathan Fillion as Officer John Nolan
If you don't know Nathan Fillion you may have been living under a rock. He starred as Richard Castle on Castle for eight seasons, but you also may have stumbled upon him on Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, or Community. How about Santa Clarita Diet where his decapitated head plays a major role? Captain Hammer? Captain Mal Reynolds? The evil Caleb from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Or perhaps all the way back to his days as Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live. The list goes on and on, so the odds are good that you’ve seen Fillion somewhere, in something before now.

3. Afton Williamson

Afton Williamson
Where have you seen Afton Williamson before The Rookie?

4. Afton Williamson as Officer Talia Bishop

Afton Williamson as Officer Talia Bishop
I became a fan of Afton Williamson’s after her guest stint on Bull Season 2 Episode 15, but maybe you caught her as FBI Agent Katie Myers on Shades of Blue Season 3, as Alison Medding on Banshee, or Makena on Nashville. Even if you haven’t seen her before you’ll definitely want to check her out on The Rookie.

5. Eric Winter

Eric Winter
Do you know Eric Winter?

6. Eric Winter as Officer Tim Bradford

Eric Winter as Officer Tim Bradford
Eric Winter was most recently seen as Adrian Webb on Rosewood and Neil Oliver on Secrets and Lies, but my two favorite roles of Eric's were Craig O’Laughlin (Grace’s fiancee and Red John's minion) on The Mentalist and Rex Brady on Days of Our Lives.

7. Melissa O'Neil

Melissa O'Neil
If you haven't seen her act, maybe you've heard her sing...

8. Melissa O’Neil as Officer Lucy Chen

Melissa O’Neil as Officer Lucy Chen
If you were a fan of Canadian Idol you may remember Melissa O'Neill as the show’s youngest and first female winner! Elsewhere on TV you may have caught her playing Janice on Condor, Suki on iZombie, and Two on Dark Matter. But you definitely won't want to miss her as Officer Lucy Chen on The Rookie.

9. Richard T. Jones

Richard T. Jones
The odds are, you've seen Richard T. Jones on your TV before...

10. Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Wade Grey

Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Wade Grey
I’ve been a fan of Richard T. Jones going all the way back to him playing Bruce Van Exel on Judging Amy, but if you think you may have seen him on your screen more recently, it could have been as Rick on Santa Clarita Diet, Detective Tommy Cavanaugh on Wisdom of the Crowd, Officer Lionel Wilkins on Criminal Minds, or Agent DEA on Narcos.

11. Alyssa Diaz

Alyssa Diaz
From where do you know Alyssa Diaz?

12. Alyssa Diaz as Officer Angela Lopez

Alyssa Diaz as Officer Angela Lopez
If you’re a soap fan you might remember Alyssa Diaz as Celia Ortega on As the World Turns. She was also seen as Kim on The Vampire Diaries, Gloria on Army Wives, Dariela Marzan on Zoo, and Teresa on Ray Donovan. Now she's training Officer Angela Lopez on The Rookie.

13. Titus Makin Jr

Titus Makin Jr
Does Titus Makin Jr. look familiar?

14. Titus Makin Jr. as Officer Jackson West

Titus Makin Jr. as Officer Jackson West
Perhaps you recall Titus as David on Glee or Lukas Parnell on Star-Crossed. Maybe it’s as Clark Wilkins from Pretty Little Liars or from his roles on Millennials: The Musical. Between Titus and Melissa O’Neil’s there appears to be enough singing talent to produce a musical episode for The Rookie!

15. Mercedes Mason

Mercedes Mason
Has this woman already graced your TV?

16. Mercedes Mason as Captain Zoe Andersen

Mercedes Mason as Captain Zoe Andersen
Did you first find Mercedes Mason as Isabel Zambada on The Finder? Maybe it was as Louise Leonard on the short-lived 666 Park Avenue or as DEA Agent Talia Del Campo on NCIS: Los Angeles. And for those who don’t fear a zombie horde, you may have watched her as Ofelia Salazar on Fear the Walking Dead. Here on The Rookie she's the Captain calling the shots.

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