Cancellation Scorecard 2018-19: Which Shows Are Dead?

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With the end of the 2018-19 TV season in sight, it's time to take a look at the shows that will not be returning next season. 

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Many decisions are still to come, so be sure to bookmark this page as we will update it the moment a show is canceled. 

There will likely be many more added to the list ahead of upfronts. 

Have a look below. 

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the cancellations. 

1. Marlon - NBC

Marlon - NBC
Canceled after two seasons.

2. Midnight, Texas - NBC

Midnight, Texas - NBC
Canceled after two seasons.

3. Reverie - NBC

Reverie - NBC
Canceled after one season.

4. Trial and Error - NBC

Trial and Error - NBC
Cancelled after two seasons.

5. The Big Bang Theory - CBS

The Big Bang Theory - CBS
Ending after 12 seasons.

6. Elementary - CBS

Elementary - CBS
Ending after seven seasons!

7. Salvation - CBS

Salvation - CBS
Canceled after two seasons.

8. For the People - ABC

For the People - ABC
Canceled after two seasons.

9. Take Two - ABC

Take Two - ABC
Canceled after one season.

10. Gotham - FOX

Gotham - FOX
Ending after five seasons.

11. The Gifted - FOX

The Gifted - FOX
Canceled after two seasons.

12. Rel - FOX

Rel - FOX
Canceled after one season!

13. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - The CW

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - The CW
Ending after four seasons.

14. Jane the Virgin - The CW

Jane the Virgin - The CW
Ending after five seasons.

15. iZombie - The CW

iZombie - The CW
Ending after five seasons.

16. The Cool Kids - FOX

The Cool Kids - FOX
Canceled after one season.

17. The Passage - FOX

The Passage - FOX
Canceled after one season.

18. I Feel Bad - NBC

I Feel Bad - NBC
Canceled after one season.

19. Speechless - ABC

Speechless - ABC

20. Splitting Up Together - ABC

Splitting Up Together - ABC

21. Lethal Weapon - FOX

Lethal Weapon - FOX
Buh bye...

22. Murphy Brown - CBS

Murphy Brown - CBS
No longer revived.

23. Life in Pieces - CBS

Life in Pieces - CBS
Now it's really in pieces.

24. Happy Together - CBS

Happy Together - CBS
Not so happy after all.

25. fam - CBS

fam - CBS
We are not family.

26. Star - FOX

Star - FOX
Fox must be looking for a new companion piece for Empire.

27. Proven Innocent - FOX

Proven Innocent - FOX
Another FOX show died an early death.

28. Whiskey Cavalier - ABC

Whiskey Cavalier - ABC
This fan-favorite has been canceled at the network, but it's getting shopped elsewhere.

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